Well Duh

2 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

I’m shocked to learn that the U.S. Attorney General had a lot of contact with foreign diplomats when he was a prominent member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

In related news, I consumed dead animal material two days ago.




3 responses

2 03 2017
Nicholas Stix

Well, the solution is simple. You must immediately sell all of your assets, and place all your money in a blind trust, and resign from any jobs you have, as of yesterday. That is the solution required by all ethics experts of all Trump cabinet members, staffers, and Trump himself. Just ask George W. Bush, er, Richard W. Painter!

2 03 2017

Claire had two contacts with Russian diplomats.

This is getting fucking ridiculous.

2 03 2017

This is the first “outrage” that I am actually taking in stride. I have actually lost count of the outrages. Mexican rapists, Mexican judge, violence at rallies, grab them by the pussy hat, making fun of the disabled, Russia Russia Russia!, Wikileaks, hand size, Russian pissing whores, blood from her wherever, comey good/comey bad, and on and on. It’s taken me a while to just chill and ‘this too will pass’

On a side note, Richard Painter is hands down the most hilarious talking head on television.

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