4 03 2017

Washington, D.C. and Manhattan

If the accusation about Obama using the NSA to tap Trump is true, tell me how that’s substantially different from Watergate.




9 responses

4 03 2017
David In TN

As I wrote at your biggest fan’s blog, Watergate would never have been pursued as far as it was if Spiro T. Agnew hadn’t been forced to resign the vice presidency.

A Democratic president hounded over something like Watergate? Forget it

Impeaching a President has never been legal, but rather political.

4 03 2017

Between Social Justice Juan and now this, this has been a bad last few days for Zomg Narrative.

4 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Primary difference: President Nixon never ordered a wiretap. Secondary: the burglars were contractors, not federal employees.

4 03 2017

The left had the megaphone then and now.

4 03 2017

for example, they are able to cry foul about the fact that they were caught with their hand in the cookiejar on the wikileaks stuff.

4 03 2017
High Arka

In answer to your original question, Nixon could be argued to have had legitimate “our Posterity” reasons to be investigating the Democratic Party of the time, while Obama is an enemy combatant.

5 03 2017

McCain and his cronies used the bogus pissgate dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump.

5 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Oh what difference at this point does it make? The narrative already died, and the media isn’t even as popular as someone playing Elvis in Japan. This is merely the Interregnum period between the Weimar Republic and the New Order. They cannot stop it now. Trump is the only thing stopping a hemp necktie party and they’re trying to Dump Him.
They’re already finished. Its just a bunch of old dumb fools arguing while people are getting ready to finish them And the band plays on as the Titanic Ball of Crap sinks slowly into the rising waters.

5 03 2017

I hope that Muslim mulatto son of a teen-age Communist mud-sharking whore hangs like the lynching photos from the old days.

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