Sunday Wrap-Up (on a Monday)

6 03 2017

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, 78 years young.  That’s why you’re getting your Sunday Wrap-Up on Garfield’s least favorite day of the week.


* While our minds were involved with everything else, this week, what turned out to be an EF4 blew through Perry County and edged Perryville itself.

* Irony Alert:  Notice what they threatened to do and the date on which they made the threat.

Okay, you’re all hung over from the weekend.  Waterboarding, and September 11.

* Yes, that’s what we used to call them.  Before PC started fucking with us.

* The bad news?  Just thinking things through with legal reasoning, I think it would be very difficult to get a murder conviction, even with a rational jury.  This is why, if his charges are upgraded, they’ll be to some level just short of murder.


* Pharmaceutical desert, Chicago.  Seriously.

* I’ve been loosely following this case, and I think that we know all we need to know from what we’re not being told.


* They say Russia is the country we have to worry about when it comes to meddling.  But it’s not Russia.  It’s a country much closer to home, in fact, we share a border with it, and furthermore, a good percentage of it is already here.


* Loretta Lynch is an attorney, and therefore, is an officer of the judicial system of whatever state’s bar has admitted her.  She knows that she’s not legally allowed to professionally advise her clients to violate the law.

She’s playing Obama Roulette with her law license.

* It’s not as if Charles Murray hasn’t been discussing this problem for more than two decades.

* SJWs vs good natured fun for charity.

* SJWs vs SJWs on craft beer.  I wonder if there’s a way for all the SJWs to lose and the beer to win.

* Okay now, when do we quit talking about this problem and solving the problem as if it’s actually a problem?  Or are we just going to keep talking and writing about the problem just to make ourselves feel better, because, in the parlance of that area’s keynote anchor industry, it’s a feature, not a bug?

* Wow, a big six months for this.  And we know why ethnic intimidation wasn’t included.

* And what is the party of the current resident of the Minnesota Governor’s Mansion?  Hint:  DFL.

* Isn’t it just like a (racial pejorative censored) to floss and bling the (swear word censored) out.

* The Y in Joe Bidenville, Pennsylvania, is going to cut off the talking head channels because it’s creating too much political and personal acrimony on the gym floor.

And yet, one of the options they will permit is ESPN.  Which has become MSNBC with ball games and scores.

I’m just wondering why gyms have to have so many damned one-eyed cyclopses to begin with.


* There’s the matter of “who are we to argue with black science.”  But even if these seminal rituals actually brought about wealth, it’s not as if sperm cells are a rare commodity that must be acquired through violence.


* This isn’t exactly what I’ve been looking for, but it comes close.  “What I’m looking for,” in case you’re wondering, is a either and endorsement or refutation, followed by reasoning, of a dissertation-level supposition I came to awhile back.

* Indeed, it causes obesity in just about everyone.

* The real story here isn’t what is advertised, it’s that some 17 years ago, a mother named her newborn son “My-King.”

* All wrong.  You don’t choose cats, cats choose you.

* How human evolution may diverge if Mars colonies ever get going.

* Windows 98 wasn’t usable in 1998.  Much less current year.

* Speaking of 1998 and today, I didn’t know AOL IM was still even a thing.

* And from about that time, the DVD turns 20 years old this month.

* Yes, that’s right, and my generation helped reinvent both.  Just not much of anything else.

* At one time, these things called “parents” taught these things.  Now, “parents” and all their helicopter coddling are the reasons why these overgrown adolescents need “adulting” classes.

* As if anyone actually believes that any fast feeder meat is as advertised.




8 responses

6 03 2017
Alex the Goon

playing Obama roulette with her law license – No matter; she’ll still find employment in the race racket.
it’s not as if sperm cells are a rare commodity that must be acquired through violence. – If there exists a female so ugly that even an African wouldn’t fuck her with someone else’s dick, it’s in Deepest, Darkest Africa. Or maybe the violence gives the juice some extra juju for their voodoo ritual.
a mother named her newborn son My-King – and he turns out to be a queen.
the DVD turns 20 years old this month – and still the best commodity-grade optical storage we have is a 25gb BD. Sad. Still waiting for the holographic crystal storage I was “promised” 30 years ago.

6 03 2017

“If it’s universally acknowledged that a single man with a good fortune needs a wife, ”

From the marriage thing. In 2017 is this really true?

6 03 2017

Yes, I know, current year.

6 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Re Loretta Lynch: Lots of sound, fury, and harumphing about what she is advocating. All of it will lead to absolutely nothing. We ceased being a nation of laws long before Obama. She ticks the Negro and the Female boxes and so she already is well on her way to being exempt from any consequences.

The decline of marriage is caused by many things. Women are greedy, and want a man who is a walking ATM. Once she has a house, car, and a kid or two, she dumps the walking ATM. If that ATM doesn’t have much in the first place, she can’t bleed him to death with as much benefit as she can bleed a man with high income. Another thing: many men are on to what women are doing, and just plain are not marrying, regardless what their financial position might be.

You ask why gyms have to have so many one-eyed cyclopses in the first place. First off, I believe ALL cyclopseseses hav only one eye. MY question is: why is it I cannot go ANYwhere without being made subject to television? I can’t go to the doctor without there being a TV. The dentist, same thing. Virtually every waiting room in the nation ear- and eye-bombs you with television. One thing I notice: virtually no one is watching. They have heads bowed as if in prayer over their smartphones, they are reading, or are conversing. In a possibly related story: ESPN is laying off many employees including some on-air talent.

Adulting: There was something to be said for the days when kids were left alone to find friends, play settings, hobbies, and to walk or ride their bikes to school. Today, I don’t think one child in four has as much as 30 minutes to themselves. It’s play dates, carpools, and constant hovering.

6 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

I know I am replying to myself, but want to add one more thing: kids had after-school jobs like paper routes, or sweeping out the back of the local [insert store name here]. They learned responsibility at a young age.

6 03 2017

I’ve belonged to gyms where they had TVs in the locker rooms. I’m surprised they don’t also have waterproof TVs in the actual showers.

6 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Please! Don’t give them any “great” ideas. I will not be some poseur and say I don’t want television; I do. But it is done on my terms. The VERY few shows I follow I do so on Netflix, where a 42 minute show is 42 minutes, not 60. I don’t get the flashing logos, and the ads and promos running across the bottom of the screen.

6 03 2017

“There was no history of bullying, there was no prior interaction between these two kids, but what we still don’t know is why this other child reacted the way he did,” Northcutt explained.

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