Acronym Demolition Derby

7 03 2017

Manhattan; Munich, Germany

From G to T to L.

We live in a society that constantly enforces strict norms about how women and men should behave, and with whom. But such expectations are limiting, boring, and antiquated.

Actually, we live in a society that used to enforce constantly strict norms about how women and men should behave, and with whom, and the reason for such limiting and boring expectations was to avoid dreck like this.  In my day, we only had “men” and “women,” and you were the one that (God/biology/nature/insert your own sovereign or accidental potentate of your choice here) chose for you, you stuck with it, and you damn well liked it, and you stuck with the particular one of the bimodal paradigm you were in when you went to the restroom, or used the locker room and showers.  Then again, in my day, I had to walk 20 miles one way every day to and from school, uphill both ways, through a foot of snow, dodging carnivorous dinosaurs, so what do I know?

In other news, this is more evidence to point to the reason why plain ole regular Gs are so soicopolitically defensive of Ts in a mother hen sense.  It’s because so many Gs seriously see themselves becoming Ts.  The irony is that if the Ts become Ls, they won’t become TERFs.




3 responses

7 03 2017

You lost me at that last acronym.

Ive always wondered if the LGBTQ movement isnt too clever by half. By jumping on the “we’re just like blacks” bandwagon. Let’s review the past 30 years of agitprop:
1) Say that youre born with it
2) Say that its an unmutable characteristic (except reworking the plumbing if you so choose)
3) Start an anti-discrimination in employment registry of eligible plaintiffs
4) Start a hate crimes registry of eligible vics
5) Start a marriage registry.
6) Brainwash everyone to thinking all this is normal, nay, praiseworthy “love”.
7) Assume that that brainwashing will always “stick” and never wear off and that those few for whom the washing doesnt “take” will happily oblige and liquidate themselves as enemies of the people.
8) Assume that the 8000-year antipathy to sodomy will fully be eradicated by “education” and an anti-gay Hitler will never come along and use all these registries to know just who to round up (no excuses that “I’ve reverted to straight”).

7 03 2017

TERF = Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. A pejorative acronym/term to refer to lesbians/feminists who are women and who don’t like men pretending to be women moving in on the lesbian/feminist movement. A related concept is “cotton ceiling,” where men pretending to be women are complaining about how actual women are making the women’s movement all about (“real”) women (“cotton” = tampon), and holding back the progress of men pretending to be women.

7 03 2017

You save me a $15 lunch. I think I will skip. ;-)

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