Foregone But Narrow

7 03 2017


It took until all 222 precincts were counted, but as I expected, Lyda Krewson won.

But as I was not expecting, she won narrowly (> 2%, > 1k), and as it turned out, Tishaura Jones, Virvus Jones’s daughter, broke away from the pack of credible black candidates to give Krewson a run for her money.

I’m on the road, so I’ve been observing the results and video online, and I think I now know what I was missing that Jones tapped into almost to pull this thing off.  She held her watch party somewhere on the south side, and considering her father, that’s a surprise in and of itself, and a majority of the people there were gay white men and white people wearing some sort of leftist cause t-shirt or hat.

So, she must have tapped into the city’s doctrinaire progressive and LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL body politics.  Mash that together with the requisite percentage of the black vote she was inevitable to get, and it’s easy to see how she missed it by that much.  As far as that goes, St. Louis’s urban electoral politics have now become the same as in other major cities, that the schism is up-versus-down within the left and the blue team, well-to-do neoliberals upstairs versus ideologically charged liberal activists and thinkers and low SES voters downstairs.  The reason I was thinking, mistakenly as it turned out, that Krewson would win this thing going away and then some is because my brain is stuck on the obsolete ’80s and early ’90s paradigm of white tribe versus black tribe when it comes to city politics and voting habits.

I’ll know more when BOEC lets go of ward-by-ward numbers in a few weeks.  But from what I’m thinking, I bet that Lyda Krewson didn’t exactly go gangbusters in her own ward.  She did enough to win, but I’m willing to bet that if she did get a majority in the 28th, it wasn’t a yuge one.

For what I’m thinking, Miss Jones is Mayor-Elect tonight if she convinces either Antonio French or Lewis Reed to drop out or not to run to begin with.




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8 03 2017

Prelim results out of 28 shows that Krewson beat Jones 57-26. Like I figured.

8 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

See the crazy quilt is already falling apart. That women thing hasn’t mattered since Oprah sided with blech against Gynosupremacy. Dose White wimmens are about to go home to White Men now that they cannot get the stage and attention they crave. It was never about minorities you know. Its about feeling important and having a crowd listen to you. It always is for wimmens.

8 03 2017
9 03 2017

1) “But from what I’m thinking, I bet that Lyda Krewson didn’t exactly go gangbusters in her own ward. She did enough to win, but I’m willing to bet that if she did get a majority in the 28th, it wasn’t a yuge one.”. I guess it depends and whether you think 57 to 26 is huge or not. The Post is crediting her strong performance in her base as decisive: “Lyda Krewson’s narrow Democratic mayoral primary victory Tuesday relied on overwhelming support from her base in the central west, southwest and downtown areas.”

2) I think another factor here is that City shitlibs, having been denied breaking the glass ceiling at the presidential level, were damn sure to break it at the Mayoral level. So a vote for Lyda or Tish would accomplish it.

3) What *I* want someone to explain to me is how Tish went up in the last week. My guess is the SJ W’s got the word out very effectively to drop French, and the Blacks got the word out to drop Reed. Last poll before the primary: Krewson 35%, Reed 16%, French 15%, Jones 13%.

4) just goes to show how little a Post-Dispatch endorsement (French) means anymore. Even the Blacks do not take the Post. That makes the Post zero for what 7? in their last 7 endorsements for executive offices? Clinton, the entire Dem slate statewide, and now French .. all down in flames by significant margins.

9 03 2017

The Post also ran a front page above the fold smear piece against Tish Jones with obviously nada effect

9 03 2017

Lyda only getting 57% in her own ward is weak.

Not long after filing closed, Jamilah Nash-Weed dropped out, and Jeffrey Boyd eventually showed he was going to be a non-factor. So what we were left with was a four way: Lyda, Tish, French, Reed. Like I wrote here last year before the Circuit Attorney primary, races with four credible candidates often are where weird and unexpected things happen. In that case, though, it was two whites and two blacks. It reminded me of 1993 Mayor, which was also a four way with two whites and two blacks, and we all know who wound up “winning” it (with the help of fraud). This case, it was one white and three blacks, but still, because race doesn’t matter as much in the current year as it did a generation ago in terms of St. Louis city elections and politics, you still had the four-way and all the strange fruit it bears.

9 03 2017

There are enough Wash U SJWs and blacks in that ward to give her some problems.

10 03 2017

I lived/worked in St. Louis and around Missouri for a couple of years, so I have interest in this blog. I lived in the South County area on Lemay Ferry Road, just shy of the South County mall, and I know that St. Louis has become even more niggerfuxxated since I left there in 2004. Sad that your city has become so cucked that no men stepped up and now you have a new female mayor to join the list of cities in the U.S. which have female mayors. You all will be in for a real treat. I know, because I live in San Antonio, TX which has a negress acting-mayor who all of the jew, Hispanic, and YT libtard cucks here want to run to become the elected mayor. The dumb c*nts in San Antonio politics are addressing pressing issues such as trying to institute toll-roads and prohibiting stores from providing plastic shopping bags. You know, all of those concerns so vital to us ignorant unwashed masses. Christ, I hope their kids get stomach cancer.

10 03 2017

San Antonio’s elected mayor is a weak low pay figurehead, the real power is wielded by a six figure salary city manager.

I noticed the woman thing out of the back of my mind, but didn’t heed it because the men, even the white men who ran or had a credible chance to win if they ran aren’t any better.

11 03 2017

credible black candidates…

12 03 2017

Breaks down by ward. Lyda’s best ward wasn’t her own, but the 16th.

I also tend to think this makes too much of a mountain out of what is really a molehill of progressives “versus” establishmentarians. I can discern very little substance between them, especially on the big ticket big agenda items.

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