Same as the Old Bill

7 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

Looks like the insurance lobbyists finally got done writing an ObamaDontCare replacement bill.

Of course, since ObamaDontCare was written for the benefit of that industry, it has that sort of same-as-the-old-boss kind of feeling.




3 responses

7 03 2017

The way I figure, now would be a good time for OCGE to push a caustic tweet.

Of course, as far as that goes, to OCGE, any time is a good time.

7 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

When law becomes farce it no longer has force. All the badges and lawyers won’t put Rumpy Court System back together again. The law comes from the barrel of a gun. They don’t have the troops to keep this up when the people decide to simply ignore them.

10 03 2017

The Demicans and Republicrats never intended to repeal/replace Owmyballscare. It was all a ruse these treacherous wretches cooked up.

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