And They Think This Makes GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS Look Better?

12 03 2017

Ferguson; Austin, Texas

New footage as part of a documentary about GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS that was screened at SXSW.

The key takeaway is that he was a small time dope dealer.  And that the man working the counter in the 11 AM hour the next morning didn’t know the party line, so he had every reason to believe that GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS was stealing from the joint and a very good reason to call the cops.

And it does not materially, in fact, at all, change the crucial details of the last three minutes of his life, or change the culpability therefore.




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13 03 2017

Rumor going around that there was a mini-protest with gunshots on the parking lot of the Ferguson Market some time yesterday.

13 03 2017

There were protests, and gunshots, and one of the “protesters” punched a cop in the nose.

13 03 2017

McCulloch held a presser this morning and had the same conclusion that I did, that the new video release is apropos of nothing and irrelevant.

In related news:

13 03 2017

Bringing kerosene to a potential fire. How exciting for the folks at SXSW!
Maybe Mr Patel is being offered up as Coliseum entertainment.

13 03 2017

Lawyers for the F/M say “selective editing.”

Even if they’re not right, still, this changes nothing substantively.

14 03 2017

NYT gets to write about its favorite place once again.

14 03 2017

our beloved Gentle Gigant was on the verge of discovering the cure for cancer in med school but he was snuffed out before he could attend class & share his discovery. Prehaps, this cop assasination theory is really just a red herring to divert attention away from the true culprits behind this vicious killing: Big Pharma. It should be a federal law that every town must have a street named Gentle Giant (St, Dr, Blvd, etc) & said Gentle Giant (St, Dr, Blvd, etc) must INTERSECT with MLK (St, Dr, Blvd, etc). What a wonder place to pose for family vacation photo’s under the street signs where MLK & Gentle Giant intersect. We need another Federal law requiring all Churches that subscribe to Saints must make the Gentle Giant a Saint & place an icon or statue of him inside their sanctuaries. He could them be petitioned for intercession when parishoner’s need a cure for cancer & other major diseases…Don’t think that the Gentle Giant was only onto the Cure for Cancer. He had the germinations for cures for Heart, Kidney & Liver disease (& others as well) pretty much worked out. That’s why Big Drug had to have him gunned down in broad daylight

14 03 2017

This story is quickly petering out. I think the action that there was Sunday night on the Fergaza Strip is going to be the extent of it.

15 03 2017
17 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah all of you are being naive in listening to this ape shitty chittering. It boils down to this. They don’t understand the Concept of Laws or Rules. It comes down to US and Them. They are bugs and don’t believe they need to follow Our Rules. The chittering and war drums are all Them and US. Its all fine and dandy if big dummy fool gets wasted by gangbangers of the dark continent gene failure, but the fact he was whacked by another Race makes it matter in Ape Shitty while they walk around dead bodies of last nights happy gun time.

23 04 2018
Veritas, Or Something Like That | Countenance Blog

[…] you’re about to be reminded of, (or find out for the first time in case you never knew), but last year at SXSW, he debuted the aforementioned “Stranger Fruit” documentary.  The angle the media worked is that since GENTILIVUS GIANTIVS had a secret deal with the owner of […]

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