Sunday Wrap-Up

12 03 2017


* A day in the life of “Natchul Bidge” through the city being the most dangerous place in the country.

* Note this started in Soulard.  In related news from this past week, the neighborhood association in Soulard came up with the money to put up a bunch of street cameras.

Self-explanatory.  Notice that in 2016, most Missouri counties are colored either red or blue, mostly red.  Which is a dramatic increase in the Show-Me compared to previous cycles.

* Tells all:

Chief Kurt Frisz said they already patrol the neighborhood on a regular basis, calling it one of their more “high volume” neighborhood, but he hopes with the help of neighbors they can do more to cut back on the crime.

Remember, Wentzville has a mini-ghetto that’s a direct result of GM moving its St. Louis manufacturing operations from North City to Wentzville decades ago and many of its black workers following them.

* Fit meet shan, and with good reason.  And here we go again with the postage stamp munis of near North County.

* In related news.


* Shades of the Utah Hi-Fi Murders.

Except for one big difference, that is almost lost to history.


* I can’t remember where or the specific reasoning in the rebuttal, but this notion that sanctuary city policies deter violent crime by allowing illegal aliens to be prosecution witnesses without fear of deportation has been refuted.  But I don’t think any of that matters.  What I think that Chief Wiggum means here by “sanctuary cities deter violent crime” is that Latino immigrants combat and drive out the black undertow.


You’ll note my sarcasm.  Which is something you should note all the time.

It’s yet another reason why white left-of-center urban politicians or political types want mass non-white immigration, because life is easier for white left-of-center urban politicians or political types when you city’s keynote racial minority (even if they’re a majority within the city) is Latino instead of black.  Let me put it to you this way:  If Los Angeles was as black as it currently is Latino, Eric Garcetti would have never had a political career.


* About the Ben Carson slave/immigrant row — I clearly remember that, whenever immigration was a very hot issue during the Obama years, some leftist media or activist type would eventually make the comparison to slavery or the Holocaust.

For your edification.

* Because I would have never guessed that the idea of the Federal government spending a lot of money to build a lot of things would be almost universally popular.  Next thing you know, they’ll tell us that the idea of public retirees and old age pensions and health care on the public expense is also popular.


* I have a limited outrage budget, and as such, I have to pick my battles.  I’ll pass on this one.  In spite of the proponents’ stupid apologetics.

* There were these objective cognitive tests, and the results showed Asian > white > Hispanic > black.  Which is the first time I’ve ever encountered that.

Also, I’m trying to reconcile the fact that some of the same people who whine about NAM students not having good teachers are the ones who want to ditch cognitive entrance exams for teachers.

* He spelled “credits” wrong.

* Speaking of irrational Millennial-bashing, the same has been true for every generation of Wall Street high rollers and power players.

* “Day Without Women,” i.e. when privileged relatively tenured women played hooky.

* The Dime Store Indian.  I don’t think she’ll have much of a problem continuing to win re-election to the Senate, but I think her national credibility is borked.  Really, though, she had a lot of potential, and she showed quite a bit of promise and hints that she actually got it.  It’s just that (at first) political correctness and (later) partisan rectitude were what precluded her from really being able to position herself to connect to people.

* Who other than your ever-lovin’ blogmeister thinks that Tucker Carlson recently and secretly swallowed a red pill, and is subversively using the occasion of his now very prime time show to peddle hints and dog whistles?

* At least this person actually read The Bell Curve.

* More proof of the point I keep making here over and over and over again.  It’s the professors egging the shit on.

* One of these days, “affordable housing advocates” will finally get around to figuring out that unaffordable housing is a feature and not a bug to a lot of people.  Some people don’t want to be around the people that can afford affordable housing.

* To wit.

* SSDY Doctrine.  (Same Shit Different Year).  We tend to think it’s never been worse.  But then, there were the 1970s.

* SSDY Doctrine.  We’ve been through opiate crises before.

* It’s what I’ve always kinda figured and known, that the Feds provoke an overwhelming majority of terrorist plots that they take down.  And I don’t think the morality of the thing changes even if the Feds legally beat the entrapment doctrine.  These same Feds will be useless when something real is brewing.  Remember, these same Feds, with most of the capabilities they have now, missed 9/11.

There is a theory that Oklahoma City was one of these Fed-manufactured entrapment operations that the Feds didn’t squelch in time.


* Story clinched at “Vietnam.”


* Perhaps that’s the purpose of all this?  The Coors family, which lives in one of those now weed-legal states, coincidentally, tends to dump a lot of money on the red team.

* It’s why I’m glad astronomy is one of my hobbies.

And also, Can’t Stump the Chans.

* Some serious thinking about what extraterrestrial life forms probably look like, considering that most stars are red dwarfs.

* Pan porn.  They’re right — It looks like a yuge dumpling.

Imagine all the carbs.

* Maybe it was angels.  But the better explanation is that in moments of desperation and crisis, adrenaline invokes strength we don’t ordinarily exhibit.

* Okay, but who wants to live that far above ground in a known seismic zone?

* Oh, well, hell, whoever knew that the quickest way to bust through the blood-brain barrier was through the keister?

* When you boil this all down, it’s nothing more than the fact that Richard Spencer likes Depeche Mode.  Which means it’s non-news.

We know that Spencer sometimes likes to put his tongue in his cheek before he talks, and that’s what I think he was up to when he said that Depeche Mode was the official band of the Alt-Right.

* Indianapolis, and not Philadelphia, is the city of brotherly love.

* Being stuck in Folsom Prison does give you a lot of time to read and re-read Gibbon.



7 responses

12 03 2017

Nobody wants to talk about the Hi-Fi murders. That said, sooner or later Chicago is going to turn into a failed jurisdiction, and then we’ll see how that thin crust pizza crumbles.

And even fewer people want to discuss that other matter, least of all the most likely non governmental organization that may have had someone involved on the payroll.

12 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Black-only CPR classes – It’s not a new idea. (The payoff is at 7:15)
To wit (Calif exports its poor to Texas) – Which is why Trump must roll back the demographics during his first term. The commies have 4 years to spread their pawns across the Electoral Chessboard.
who wants to live that high above ground in a known seismic zone? – People who don’t want to smell the bum piss on the sidewalks.

12 03 2017
David In TN

The Blogmeister’s Biggest Fan (and I) wrote about the Hi-Fi Murders at Nicholas Stix Uncensored a few years ago (Google: Nicholas Stix Hi-Fi Murders).

The killers were three (probably more) black enlisted airmen at a nearby USAF base, which is why they were in Ogden, Utah circa April 1974. One was an immigrant from Trinidad.

Believe it or not, there was a 1992 TV movie on the crime starring Richard Chamberlain as the father and husband of the victims. The movie acknowledged the perps were black, but played down the horror of what happened. The plot was mostly about Chamberlain’s character coping with his mental anguish.

The film is titled “Aftermath” and is on Youtube. The DVD can be found on Amazon.

13 03 2017

12 03 2017
12 03 2017

Another late entry.

Executive summary: The reason they haven’t is not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t afford it.

Previous conventional wisdom, meet circular filing cabinet.

13 03 2017

You might like Jem by Frederik George Pohl. Set on a red dwarf planetary system – interesting lifeforms.

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