You Thought I Disappeared, Didn’t You?

12 03 2017

Jacksonville, Florida

No, I didn’t disappear.  It’s just a combination of a whole lot of things on the plate in the last several days and the interesting news not really tickling my fancy meant a whole lot of silence on this medium.

But now, I’m back, with a wrap-up of the week later this afternoon, and before that, a game of Spot The Contradiction.

The race to the gold star stars…NOW.





7 responses

12 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Spot the Contradiction: A negro driving a minivan, and from what little of the wreckage I can see, it does not appear to be Fiat/Daimler/Cerberus/Chrysler (or whatever they are calling themselves this week) product.

12 03 2017

FCA is what they’re calling themselves this week, and while that’s a good catch, it’s not my catch.

12 03 2017
Alex the Goon

“I just got to know he went to a better place.” – I didn’t know Florida was worse than Hell.
“No alcohol was found in the car” — What about drugs? What about drugs or alcohol found in the driver?
My guess for your gold star — his promising, vibrant, brilliant future as a merchant seaman, after his ancestors were brought here by merchant seamen. (These negro incidents are so full of fail, it’s hard to nail down One True Contradiction.)

12 03 2017

Not quite the gold star, though you alluded to it in the comment.

And I don’t buy the “merchant seaman” business. Every time one of these dindu yoots assume room temperature early, we hear the excuses that dindu yoot wanted to go into the military, wanted to do this or that, and now with this one, wanted to be a merchant seaman. Of course, nobody ever wants to be a spoil sport and point out that all these dindu yoots with these supposed grandiose ambitions weren’t behaving as if they actually had plans to do so, not taking any steps to achieve these goals.

12 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Good reason not to buy the merchant seaman story: he was allegedly starting a job…[ok]… to save up money…[many people do that]…to buy his merchant seaman’s badge [needle falls off record]. Since when do you have to buy your way into a job of swabbing poopdecks? Sounds like something from a rabbit-ears TV commercial for trade school.

12 03 2017

is merchant seaman the career path where you jacque-off & sell your cum??? Why do you need special classes for that? Oh, nevermind, that’s a merchant Semen….my bad, sorry… otoh, was probably starting Brain Surgeon classes at MatchBook U. That pays way way better than jacqueing off. Know he was on the verge of turning his life around

16 03 2017

Okay, nobody’s going to get it.

They’re upset with JSO, but then turn around and say that he’s in a better place.

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