Now That He’s Thrown Down the Gauntlet

13 03 2017

Sioux City, Iowa

The worst thing Steve King can do now is walk it back.

If he does, he’ll have no friends left at all.  We won’t ever trust him because he walked it back, and the left and cuckservatives won’t ever trust him because he walked it forward.

Let that be a lesson to those of you who are or may eventually find yourselves in comparable circumstances:  Don’t start something like this unless you intend to stick with it to its glorious or bitter end.

The last time I doled out advice like this in this space, it was to Mike Pence, then the Governor of Indiana, and it was on pending state level RFRA legislation.  He did walk it back, and that’s precisely what happened to him.  He lost all respect.

Well, except from one person.




4 responses

13 03 2017

“Don’t look back, you can never look back” is a catchy song line, and the best move he can make.

If this is intentional, he’s playing for high stakes.

14 03 2017

Indiana is so full of R cuckservatives Pence still has tons of fans. I often wonder if its our 1920’s KKK scandal that has left so many of them cucked. DC Stevenson has a long legacy here. Before that we were unabashed racists, the copperhead faction here may have been even bigger than in Missouri.

14 03 2017

That’s the most disappointing part of it. Mike Pence was so ruined by his annoying ambivalence and walking forward walking back on RFRA that his political career was totally borked, he’s now just one heartbeat away from being the most powerful man on Earth.

14 03 2017

The only good thing to come out of it…maybe…was he learned his lesson on backtracking. Everyday during the campaign he was asked to “denounce” something Trump said and he never did. Unlike others (Christie, cough, cough).

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