State of Perpetual Emergency

13 03 2017



State of Emergency concert to highlight social issues, surprise guests

To celebrate all things St. Louis, 314 Day will be coming to town Tuesday March 14. The day is based off of St. Louis’ area code and is a day about unity.

The State of Emergency concert is happening that night at Chaifetz Area and is all about highlighting social issues that impact the city.

“Sometimes kids want to hear a message from the person that’s not in a suit,” said Loose Cannon Slim, promoter of the concert. “Like the school teacher or lawyers they want to see from the people they watch on TV every day and stuff like that.”

The concert is partnered with “Better Family Life” and the confirmed artists in the lineup are: Jeezy, Migos, Gucci Mane and a number of other surprise guests.

I’ve added the hyperlinks in the above blockquote. Because, as you know, kids want to hear a message from a person that’s not in a suit. Unless it’s a jail or prison jump suit.

I’m so old that I remember when March 14 was Pi Day.




One response

14 03 2017

This shindig is tonight, in fact, at 7. I’m waiting for the reports about fights and shootings at or after the event. Among fans, performers, the performers’ entourages, or all three.

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