Opiate of the Fringes

14 03 2017

Raleigh, North Carolina

All fairly good theories.

But remember Occam’s Razor, both the original version and Gen X version:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with (“the fewest assumptions” — original // “the most cynicism” — Gen X) should be selected.

This missive told you all you really needed to know in about the middle, when Kevin Williamson wrote that “a great deal of corporate activism is CEO-driven.”

It’s as easy and as cynical as this:

The more CEOs scream about social justice, the less the left can think about obscene CEO pay and compensation packages.

And, as this rightly states, the left is the really squeaky wheel, the right not so much.  Add to it the reality that the left at least purports to make obscene CEO pay a political issue, while the right, and the economic libertarian ideology that it’s historically rooted in, won’t think it a problem, and you see why CEOs simply must mollify the left, but don’t much care about us.




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