Pi Day

14 03 2017

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Happy Pi Day.

As of the current time, Pi is known to more than 22 trillion decimal places.  However, only 39 decimal places are needed to calculate the circumference of a circle of a size of the known universe to the accuracy of the width of a hydrogen atom.  The 355/113 approximation is so close to accurate that the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 113 miles is 1.9 inches short of 355 miles.

The only reason to ponder more are to show off one’s ability to memorize these kinds of things (I stopped at 50, and can now only do 42), or to show off the power of newer approximation methods (in the pen and paper era) and then the power of each new generation of hardware (in the computer era).  As you can probably guess, the computer era set off an exponential growth.




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14 03 2017

wheres the best place to get an apple pie in st. louie?

14 03 2017

My mother’s kitchen.

Other than that, I can’t tell you any one place that does apple pie better or worse than others.

14 03 2017

This is a (short) must-watch. The talking head couldnt be more the chirpy Aryan, introducing a

“A day about unity, coming together, and all things St. Louis!”. Of course the event is titled ominously State of Emergency, features only rappers, is promoted by a long-time local seat-of-the-pants promoter and will be about as monochrome an event as you could find anywhere. So “all things *black* St. Louis”. Plus “Slim” once had a Twitter beef with leading 314 representative Nelly which is still unresolved. That should add some “tension” to the event.

14 03 2017
14 03 2017
17 03 2017
love pie

nice historical info
Happy Pi Day :)
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