Poetic Bait and Switch

14 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

For most of the time that the matter of Baraq Obama’s birth certificate was a hot issue in certain circles, I thought Mr. Obama was playing a game of Machiavellian bait-and-switch.  What he was doing was deliberately holding back his real Honolulu birth certificate, to create a diversion, a distraction, a honey pot, that people would talk about instead of real issues.  Most people didn’t bite on the bait, but unfortunately, there was one big fish that bit and got reeled up just about six years ago.  His name is Donald J. Trump.  Trump pushed the issue, and Obama totally clowned him by releasing what I suspected existed all along, and his releasing it both confirmed my working theory, and drove Trump out of the 2012 Presidential campaign.  Obama knew he’d only have one chance to use that hammer, and he wasn’t going to use it to ruin Alex Jones or World Net Daily, those two sources were pushing birtherism, but they weren’t important enough for Obama to use this one bullet sniper rifle.  When Trump came along and started yammering about the birth certificate in the spring of 2011, that was worth firing the shot.

For what I’m thinking now, and there’s some data to back this up, if Trump doesn’t touch the birther bullshit, he’s the Republican nominee in 2012 and beats Obama.

Fast forward about six years.  In the meantime, Trump’s political reputation recovers, the birther stuff is forgotten, he hits political pay dirt, and rides it all the way to the Presidency.  I also think Trump learned his lesson about creating Machiavellian honeypots into which to lure his enemies.  This time, instead of being the victim, he can be the perpetrator.

Hence, the tax returns Trump never released.

Rachel Maddow bit.




9 responses

14 03 2017

Another way to think about this:

Rachel Maddow really wanted to win a ratings night, just once.

15 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Which alternate reality do you live in? BHO never released a legitimate Hawaii birth cert. He was born in Kenya.
I don’t know that Trump would’ve won in aught-twelve, as we were missing some vital ingredients to the Pissed-off Whitey Stew:
– Nobamacare not yet in full force
– No (R)-majority Congress to cuck & cave to Mulatto Messiah
– No BLM riots
– Wrong candidate: Everyone hates Hillary, but too many idiots (still) think BHO is a “cool guy they could have a beer with”.
– He should have beaten Hillary like a one-legged whore’s rented mule, yet still lost the pop.vote.
The Do-Nothing Congress was the big factor. Had they fought back some (any) of Nobama’s crap, there would’ve been less urgency (perhaps none) to elect Trump. Anyone with a brain knew it was Trump Or Death. (no apologies to Mel Brooks)

15 03 2017

2012 had a more white electorate to get to 270. Still would have been up against the black turnout machine, but a better starting position.

It’s reasonable to believe that BLM was emcoursged, if not founded, to increase black turnout after the 2012 weakness.

15 03 2017

I wish Trump would have pointed out the fact that up until 0bama Natural Born Citizen meant offspring of 2 US citizens. Then there is the issue that to this day no one has seen a legal copy of the birth certificate. 0bama sent a pdf file to the media and they released it. I never understood why Trump gave up so easily.

15 03 2017

I think it was Sailer who did some searching of Airline ticket prices in 1960 to Kenya in today’s dollars. We didn’t have 747s back then, jets were just being phased in and air travel was still the domain of the rich. In today’s inflation adjusted prices that ticket would have been over $10,000 so it is unlikely Obama’s 17 year old mom would have had the cash to run off on a teenage escape to Kenya. Nor would her parents have gutter their savings to send their very pregnant daughter off to friggin’ Africa when she was most in need of high quality western medicine. I was thinking perhaps Obama was a bastard and that is what he was hiding.

15 03 2017

I do think Obama was hiding something in the controversy. What I think he was hiding is that he scammed his way into “foreign” or “non-American” grants and donations for education or other things.

15 03 2017

Great minds think alike, what I tweeted just before I came over here, “Anyone want to bet POTUS was laughing his ass off when he mailed off outdated, uninteresting tax returns? Somebody got played.”

15 03 2017

did he ever find out who his Daddy is ? His mom, Stanley, was such a raycis Slut that she didn’t even have a clue

15 03 2017
John Vawter

Webb Hubble? Oh wait, wrong moonbat family, nevermind.

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