Opiate of the Fringes, Part 2

15 03 2017

Berkeley, California

The second in what will probably be a recurring theme in this space, about how social justice warriorism is not only the left’s opiate, but the way its elitist faction (and even non-liberal elitists) throws economic populism into the circular filing cabinet and distracts from its growing obscene wealth and inequality favoring itself.

I predict that all this talk will amount to no more than that, just a lot of talk.  To be followed up by more talk.  And maybe a symbolic but substantively non-effective city ordinance or three.

Because, to a lot of people who suddenly have a lot of liquid resources with which to buy politicians, increasing housing values and skyrocketing rents are a feature, not a bug.

This is why Berkeley riots over people like Milo instead of homelessness.

Then there’s this:

The camp is a mix of newcomers such as Ariah Inlerah, 33, a transgender woman who fled anti-gay violence in Bloomington, Indiana…

Anti-gay violence at Indiana University? Here’s a hint — That blue enclave in the lower middle is Bloomington.




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