Eating Crows Instead of Counting Them

16 03 2017

New York

H/T OD.  Speaking of, in case you aren’t already, you should make Occidental Dissent one of your daily reads.  Hunter Wallace has been absolutely killing it lately.

Whoever knew that Peter Beinart would ever lament (pun intended) the decline of the religious right?

His case is simple: The Alt-Right is filling the void.

You know how that goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

He also makes the case that the decline of religiosity among younger blacks directly corresponds with an increasingly racialist militancy among them, viz:  BLM.

Where I think this analysis whiffs is that it does not consider the people and groups who have become more egalitarian as they have become less Christian.

However, to the extent that Beinart is right, I don’t think it’s a matter of Christianity demanding egalitarianism as a spiritual exercise, it’s that Christianity as an institution (“Churchianity” — Vox Day) prostrates itself to Jewish social and cultural power by itself demanding egalitarianism as an institutional imperative.  Decreasing religiosity among the kind of people that would have been seriously institutionally religious Christians in past decades parallels an increasing loss of trust in secular institutions.  And that’s a function of the institutions of all sorts becoming commissars for egalitarianism.




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16 03 2017

Another Beinart whiff is that older church blacks are still racially minded, so the difference between them and the more militant young non-religious BLM isn’t very great, compared to the wide gulf between older white egalitarian Christian conservatives and the younger Alt-Right. Yet another whiff is that it’s a mistake to analyze BLM in anything more than a purely cynical mindset, and Beinart, birth year 1971, ought to default to the cynical for everything. BLM is nothing more than a career hustle for upwardly mobile and ambitious exotic-type blacks, who leverage black violence and white guilt, play both against each other and both against the middle, to yield goodies and gibs for themselves. In that, BLM in the 2010s is much the same as the 1960s civil rights movement.

17 03 2017

At work there are two hardworking, competent black guys and both coincidentally also grew up in intact families with the father present. Exconns Temp Agency, err ah I mean Express Temp Agency on the other hand manages to send us absolutely the worst element of the black community, lazy, unemployable shits right out of jail who don’t show up as soon as they get paid.

18 03 2017

The most interesting part:

One source who sees the boys in his conservative Christian high school embracing white nationalism speculates that the megachurch Christianity of these high school seniors is not facing the reality of the world around us. If true, then the pastors and other religious authorities in these kids’ lives are simply not forming them as Christians to live in the post-Christian world that we have.

I respond:

Maybe there are two other possibilities:

(1) Megachurch Christianity is yielding to white nationalism as megachurch Christianity as an institution gets increasingly thrown into egalitarian claptrap

(2) Maybe the only reason white people ever embraced megachurch Christianity is because they thought they were getting white nationalism, or at least an implicit form of it.

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