Not In My Front Boulevard

16 03 2017

Benton Park West

I wonder if the same people who raised holy hell about a Dollar General going directly across the street from their front doors are going to be okay with the idea of a whole lot of construction work directly outside their front doors on said street to build a new MissingLink line.




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16 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Is the line going by, or are those who didn’t want the dollar store to be blessed with a station?

16 03 2017

Google Earth or Google Maps Satellite, Jefferson Avenue between Cherokee Street and Utah Street in the city of St. Louis. On the east side, you’ll see a mid-sized box and concrete lots on either side. On the west side, you’ll see a bunch of houses. Jefferson Avenue being a regular urban boulevard. When there was talk about turning that empty box into a Dollar General, I remember driving past there and every house on the other side had a handwritten yard sign in opposition.

Yet, the current plans for light rail expansion, which I think are sorta pie in the sky because of the price tag, is to run light rail down the middle of Jefferson Avenue, including through that stretch.

I’m just amazed that the same people who did nothing but bitch about a Dollar General across Jefferson from them are okay with all the construction noise and heavy equipment it’s going to take to do light rail, and do it right in the middle of the boulevard that’s right outside their front doors.

16 03 2017
Nicholas Stix

Any time I hear “light rail,” I hear “black invasion,” “you pay, whitey; we ride,” and “dead malls.”

20 03 2017
MissingLink Strikes Again | Countenance Blog

[…] will do the political pump priming to leverage the bigger public money needed to build North-South, which I referenced here a few days ago.  And they’ll be voting with this news fresh on their […]

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