Moo Juice

17 03 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Had to stock up on moo juice on the path between salt mines and nest.

Every gallon in the store had the same sell-by date.

Guess which date.

It’s getting real, and now so close enough to show up on milk gallon sell-by dates.

And it’s coming, right on schedule, whether I like it or not.




7 responses

17 03 2017

“Oh don’t be such a baby” -John Cleese in MPHG Bring out your dead. Of course I’m only 38, so it’s easy for me to talk.

18 03 2017
Nicholas Stix

The big 40?

18 03 2017

Don’t say it.

18 03 2017
Nicholas Stix

Gee, and I can remember way back when, when you were barely 38.

18 03 2017

I know, you’re all laughing at me.

And I know I’m eventually going to make fun of myself one day soon for being a big drama queen about it.

18 03 2017

I remember 40. 65 sneaks up fast.

19 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

It certainly does! And I am staring down the barrel of 68 in a few weeks.

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