18 03 2017





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19 03 2017

Okay, guys, this is a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes, and try to keep up, okay?

Bob Gale, a U-City native, was the co screen writer on all three parts of BTTF. That’s why he threw a Chuck Berry song into that part.

19 03 2017

I’ve never heard the reason or any credible gossip on why he moved to Wentzville. Something tells me that his doing that and GM moving from north city to Wentzville happened at about the same time and are therefore both correlation and causation. But I don’t know for sure.

19 03 2017

i know, i know, I’m the only one in the world who thinks that all rockers have contributed to many deaths & much personal destruction not only here but abroad & I for one, the only one, Celebrate Their Deaths & Mourn Their Lives, mourn the fact that they ever lived at all. Each dead rocker is the promise of Life for 10,000s of their innocent victims. Only here in the Open Sewer Society are they feted & celebrated….how sick is it that we celebrate & enrich those who prey upon our children’s bodies & minds? If l’il Kim in NoKo nukes are asses he’ll go down in world history as a Great Man, we’ll go down as having well-deserved our incineration, our melted on our bones flesh…..

19 03 2017

It takes a black to write a song about “my ding a ling”

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