Sunday Wrap-Up

19 03 2017


* We all know the real reason why St. Louis’s crucial civic leaders love the Bosnians.

* Dispatches from the most dangerous boulevard in the countryIt says here that the security guard saw the man shoplifting, and that’s what started the snowball rolling downhill.  Here’s the problem:  He was shoplifting from an Aldi.  Meaning, not counting aggravating circumstances, he wouldn’t have reached felony stealing range unless he actually stole the Aldi, not just a few things from it.  You know how that goes, my snarky tweet from the November festivities on the Fergaza Strip:  “Family Dollar burned, tens of dollars of merchandise destroyed.”

* The robbery mystery from the Denny’s in Fenton from back in November has apparently been solved.

That “woman,” though.  Egadz.

* Another months-long mystery also seems to have been solved, and solved in a surprising twist.

One of you speculated Bosnians.  Turns out, apparently, the doer is part of a relatively recent immigrant group that has a noticeable presence in St. Louis, but it’s the one that came about a generation before the Bosnians.

* You don’t think Maplewood is trying to save itself with this ordinance, do you?


* Only five short paragraphs.  AP, you could have spared an extra few column inches and used them to insinuate that maybe Slim has a personal financial stake in having as many Mexicans as possible on both side of the border.


* If part of their resistance training is being taught how to breathe, then they won’t amount to much in the way of resistance.


* Talk of a boycott, but a successful boycott is predicated upon black women not buying weave.  Goodluckwiththat.

* Involves “Nigeria” and “Soros,” so you know something’s not quite right.

* Bye bye father-daughter, hello genderbread.

* It wasn’t enough that we already have one minority group that doesn’t tip, we had to import another.


* It wasn’t that long ago that Swedish officials were telling us that no-go zones didn’t actually exist.

* Disturbing and contradictory on several levels.  And since when did tolerance and respect become a “traditional Australian value?”

What I’m driving at is that just like in the United States, Islam is the official religion of the Australian public education system (“state school” — BrE or “government school” — AusE), where there’s supposed to be a separation between religion and state.  Therefore, none of this should surprise anyone.

* They’re not giving up, as much as I think they’re changing tactics.

I think they’ve read the tea leaves, and they know the world’s most lucrative hustle these days is to pretend like you’re all victims and oppressed minorities.  Waving the gun in the tyrant’s face is out, forming a human chain to block highway traffic while screaming “Basque Lives Matter” is in.  I imagine we’re only hours a way from a brand spanking new fresh *-ism or *-phobia being born into the world.


* You know, I’m so old that I remember that you went to school to learn something, not to pretend to be part of the winning team.

Speaking of which, strangely, the dork in Orlando with a fax machine was silent last week.  Usually, this is one of his important seasons, to bitch about the lack of diversity or graduation gap in basketball tournament teams.

* Story about the discovery of a fluorescent colored frog species being discovered, and the comments section isn’t opened.  Fancy that.  I guess they didn’t want all the Kek/Pepe comments.

* It’s counterintuitive to me, because you’d think that atheists, as people who think that this is all there is, there’s nothing beyond this, when it’s over, it’s truly over, would be the first people that would want to reproduce.

* This was inside the hospital.  Now, most hospitals and clinics disallow smoking on hospital property even if you’re outdoors.

* Finally, someone gets the blame assignation game correct.




2 responses

20 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Last few times I was at a hospital, I saw a bunch of fat nurses (or whatevers) smoking outside.

20 03 2017

I thought a lot of the Bosnian’s have fled to South County and even Jefferson County to escape the black undertow.

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