MissingLink Strikes Again

20 03 2017

ESL and Downtown

Here, here and here.  It started on the other side of the river and made its way to the stop at Busch.  Usual suspects.

The third link reminds us that the city is hitting voters up for a sales tax to raise the funds that will do the political pump priming to leverage the bigger public money needed to build North-South, which I referenced here a few days ago.  And they’ll be voting with this news fresh on their minds.





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21 03 2017

They were even talking about how dangerous the metrolink is on KMOX this morning. They usually downplay that type of thing, but someone on the air (don’t recall who) played a video a friend sent him of an ookfest on the metro he experienced recently during the day.

21 03 2017
GOTBV | Countenance Blog

[…] 1, a sales tax increase that will fund, among other things, more cops, and also, the North-South MissingLink seed […]

21 03 2017
21 03 2017
21 03 2017

1) The ‘Dindu of interest’ seems to be enjoying the festivities, if not participating
2) The deceased turns out to be a 57-year-old homeless person. More bad news for Metrolink: in addition to violent youths, there are so many homeless people on ‘the Link’ that you cant swing a cat without hitting one.

22 03 2017
22 03 2017
25 03 2017
26 03 2017

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