Now They Get It

21 03 2017

Elon, North Carolina

Now we’re getting somewhere.  Now all she needs to do is familiarize herself with a two word phrase coined in 2004 and popularized two current years ago:

Virtue signaling.

Where she goes awry is the purpose of the virtue signaling:  White people who virtue signal in this fashion are boasting to the world that they’re better than all those icky stucky yucky ducky white people way out there in the boondocks in trailer parks who don’t believe in diversity.




5 responses

21 03 2017

I honestly do believe that the white boy hoisting the sign – Black Power – is talking a selfie of himself hoisting the sign – Black Power!
Look closely, and tell me what you think.

21 03 2017

That was the point of the Breitbart editor including this photo.

21 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Oh Question Diversity, are you listening to shuck and jive again? Don’t listen too closely, the words will just confuse ya. Its not the virtue signal that matters.

If you want to really understand the salient point of Marchin Lootin Kang’s Pipe Dreams then you have to go closer to the Original Idea behind Sybil Rites:

There you go.

23 03 2017

I hate niggers, but I love my White Privilege. Would that work on a bumper-sticker or a T-shirt?

24 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Why not hit yourself on the head repeatedly until someone cares? That person won’t be me.

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