White Death

21 03 2017

Jefferson City


New Missouri House rural caucus to raise awareness about farmer suicide rates


“Newsweek” reported in July that a CDC study found that men who work in the farming, fishing and forestry industries had a suicide rate of 90.5 per 100,000 people, the highest of any occupational group. That CDC study used 2012 data.

Which is close to the homicide rate among blacks in particularly homicidal big cities.

Homicide by, against and among blacks is a big political issue (though I must add the caveat that it’s only a big issue when TPTB can make political hay of it, when they think that our thinking about it hurts TPTB, they tell us nothing to see here move along), but this the absolute first I’ve heard or seen any credible hard copy statistic about farmer, fisher and forester suicides.  I did know from my past several years as a lobbyist and being plugged into the grapevine that talks ag that it was something of a problem, but none of us were aware how bad it was.




4 responses

21 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

You have to ask yourself. Is this real or is this another enemy psy op? Every demographic is living longer except Whites? Yeah that smells like rat. We have to remember we are dealing not with an honest foe, but a crazy and delusional weirdo with delusions of grandeur. Like the surrender porn they have paid shills placing around the “Alt-Right” sites, this wave of White Death may be enemy propaganda or outright wishful thinking by our delusional parasites that see nazis everywhere.

21 03 2017
Alex the Goon

False propaganda doesn’t seem likely. Alerting Whites to the fact that they’re dying, will cause them to OODA and change course.

21 03 2017

It’s already been shown that statistically whites kill themselves and black kill each other.

Wrote about it here:


23 03 2017

BTW, how can we raise those negro suicide rates? They only seem to suicide when cornered by the cops (and after they have murdered an innocent evil YT).

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