Capital to Burn

22 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

It’s time for OCGE to quit letting someone who was one of his avowed political enemies as late as November 7, that being Paul Ryan, to guide him down a path where OCGE is needlessly burning through political capital.

Remember my previous piece of advice on health care reform:  Just use the pen and phone to suspend the enforcement of ObamaDontCare’s unpopular provisions, and then do the “where do we go from here” thing slowly and rationally.  This issue is not the sort which will cause the world to end if not dealt with immediately.

Same goes for tax reform.  We can afford to slow down, take a deep breath, and think things through.

OCGE should be spending most of his public energy on his politically popular agenda items and existentially important agenda items.

Remember, the 2012 Presidential ticket with Paul Ryan on it not only did not carry Wisconsin, it didn’t even carry Paul Ryan’s own Congressional district.  Trump carried both.  So it’s not as if Paul Ryan is some great political genius.




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22 03 2017
Stan d Mute

Why is Trump allowing these Beltway lifers to dictate his agenda and squandering his access to the bully pulpit where he could advance his core advantages (e.g. media savvy and anti-illegal build the wall enthusiasm)? He keeps allowing himself to be sucked into pointless nonsense instead of taking control of the Narrative as he did so successfully in his campaign.

22 03 2017

Because the Administration has no staff and no loyal faction.

It’s incapable of governing without a staff and supporters, but instead of turning to the alt right, many of whom risked their livelyhoods for him, he turned to Wall Street.

Flynn, Milo, that US Attorney from New York all examples of those that side with the administration, later to be torn apart by the media lions while the masses watch.

22 03 2017
23 03 2017

RS rings in. As an aside, not only do I think single payer would be a less bad option than either ObamaDontCare or RyanLite, I haven’t heard an argument against it that’s also not applicable to any other model.

23 03 2017

Enough House Republicans have saved Trump from himself.

Now, let’s hit the reset button. Like I said, pen and phone to suspend the enforcement of ObamaDontCare’s destructive and unpopular parts, then slow down, then take a deep breath, then think things through carefully.

And keep single payer on the table.

24 03 2017
24 03 2017

Also, I’m seeing so many parallels in the political skullduggery used to pass ObamaDontCare and the same used here that I really had to check the calendar to make sure precisely which current year it actually is. Though, I don’t need a calendar to do that, my gut, my forehead and face wrinkles and my graying hair do enough to remind me that it’s 2017, not 2010.

24 03 2017

Now I think there’s something really really up:

Remember, OCGE cut Flynn lose for less than this. If he doesn’t get mad at Bannon, then I think that’s pretty much all the confession we need that Trump is setting up and sandbagging Paul Ryan out of revenge. Trump is burning through some of his political capital, because he knows he has plenty left, in order to get Ryan to burn through all of his much smaller stash.

24 03 2017

As of now, 2:40 PM Friday, it’s dead and withdrawn. Either enough Congressional Republicans saved Trump from himself, or Trump’s surreptitious sandbagging of Paul Ryan just succeeded.

24 03 2017
25 03 2017

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