Tuning Fork

22 03 2017


What in the HELL?

After this thing is done, then I guess we can be sure that the A above Middle C of the Manhattan skyline vibrates at precisely 440 Hertz.

The Bloomin’ Onion of the CWE looks rational by comparison.




7 responses

22 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Maybe, with an architect who owns a properly-tuned Bösendorfer Imperial grand, it will resonate at 442 cps*.

* a gold star for anyone under 50 who know what that means. Not you, count. I know you know.

23 03 2017

I know that piano has more than 88 keys, but I didn’t know it was slightly off tuned.

23 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

American standard is 440. SOME European orchestras tune to 442. My piano tuner was telling me that Bösendorfer Imperial grand “come into their own when tuning with 442 on A over middle C.

The extra keys are all in the bass. And the sound of those things…. Dear me…!

(I started lessons only 19 or 20 months back. I dream of something like a Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Steinway or the like but am VERY content with my new Boston.)

23 03 2017

Marketing by press release. There is no way that thing is getting approved, let alone insured.

23 03 2017

lol, would take a 100 years just to get the Permits for this one & another 800 – 900 years to actually build it in “Cant’ Do City”….This one is never happening !

23 03 2017

Except if billionaires really want it, in which case, all the red tape will be magically expedited.

23 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Well we didn’t build that, cause that will never actually work. The reason Western Civilization is a White Racial Construct is because our enemies are only capable of this kind of architecture. You know with mud, straw and shit, you cannot even see how stupid the original plans were due to the limitations of this material due to gravity. Its only in the Iron, Stone and Steel we use that these kind of incredibly stupid designs can be seen clearly.

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