Granular Accounting

25 03 2017

Washington, D.C.

American Interest writes of Brookings’s study of foreign exchange students’ views of the American educational systems:

Foreign exchange students’ perceptions of U.S. education clearly depends on their own educational background and their school placement. Students placed in underperforming Chicago schools, for example, are more likely to say that U.S. education is easier compared with foreign students placed at top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns.

The study doesn’t offer details about these alternative variables that might offer a more granular account of where U.S. schools are succeeding and failing…(snip)

The study doesn’t offer such details or such accounting because they are taboo, politically incorrect, racist, and probably also anti-Semitic and transphobic, because intersectionality.  Of course, if you don’t want to be all transphobic, then you can consider Davis Guggenheim’s theory that some nefarious spirit magically sends all the bad teachers to the black ghettos.

Also remember when it comes to “top-tier high schools in upper-middle class university towns,” those are the schools that have the widest white-black achievement gaps.




One response

25 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Why is it you can believe Vulcans are smarter than humans in Star Trek, but Whites being smarter than blacks is taboo? I remember some dumb episode of the original Trek where Mr. Spock tells Lt Uhura that a panel needs repair on the Bridge and he wants her to do it cause he CANNOT THINK OF ANYONE BETTER QUALIFIED! HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Yeah because Spock’s right there and Mr. Scott is available. No wonder nothing on that Starship works right. The olde FASA RPG had Janice Rand as a dullard and Uhura as smart as Mr. Scott. Gee this seems more like Fantasy. Of course you have to see the parasite to understand this. Its not even suspension of disbelief here. This is PURE UNADULTERATED ANTI-WHITE HATRED.

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