Oh Gawd

25 03 2017

Grand Center

“Hamilton” is coming to St. Louis.

But it won’t be until April of next current year.  So the plutocratic left contingent around here has plenty of time to jack secondary market ticket prices to the stratosphere.  Tony Messenger will also have plenty of time to write, rewrite and proofread his op-ed mashing up “Hamilton” and the social justicey progressive causes of St. Louis.




5 responses

25 03 2017

I already nixed that with my fam at breakfast this morning.

25 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Oh but this is GOOD, QD. I’ll tell ya why. No way are theater owners shelling out their clams for this money losing propaganda. That means they need community and corporate sponsors. Those ads are a self-compiled BOYCOTT LISTS.

26 03 2017

Does St. Louis still have lots of jew and libtard YT SWPL Eloi, who would virtue signal to their friends by attending this farce?

26 03 2017

Oh yeah, plenty.

27 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

I have a feeling this will be an “extra credit assignment” at the local colleges and of course all the Government Unions will give out “free” tickets to their members. Why are Union fees so high? Its not just supporting political whores, it also supports pet projects like this, and “information sessions” like telling you those dumb brown people who mess up and threaten you are an essential part of outreach. Yeah. OK. You crazy.

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