Shades of Steve Utash

25 03 2017


The difference is that Steve Utash was lucky enough to survive, and eventually recover, and return to work.  Not only that, his assailants were caught and convicted, even as they got slap on the hand punishments.

This one?  He personally wasn’t so lucky, and who knows if these perps will ever be caught.

Here’s why I’m jumping to conclusions about said perps.




4 responses

25 03 2017

This is why you should not drive through the Nawf side just to see where Granny used to live. Even on a Saturday morning. Kids play on Saturday mornings. Or if you do drive through, do it as far away from (((Black Hstory Month))) as possible where the narrative of irredeemable hatred by whites of blacks is spoonfed. The facile history they teach rules out any “accidents” historical or otherwise.

26 03 2017
26 03 2017

No conclusions to jump to here. Only niggers, spics, or spiggers would do such a thing. If you hit a picanniny with your car, just keep driving. Its velcro haid will stick to your undercarriage until you can reach a safe place to stop. Then call the police.

26 03 2017

That should be an axiom # something or other.

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