Sit In the Middle of the Road and Eat Pancakes Challenge

25 03 2017


I guess that’s what this is, the new fad to get a quick fifteen off of WSHH/YT.

What it also means is that Florida Man is back in style.  It wasn’t so long ago that Florida Man yielded to Minnesota Man, and then Minnesota Man yielded to Edmonton Man.  Florida Man wanted a second life at the meme magic.




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26 03 2017

Hahahahahaha. This is my home-town where I graduated high school. My family moved to Lakeland in the late 70’s. The intersection where the spook set up his breakfast nook is in nigger-town. No surprises there.

26 03 2017
Gary, as in Indiana

Wonder if Chicago WLS pervtard Steve Dahl used this on his occasionally funny “Florida” segment. He is edgy against white society, but after that edge turns to tons of flab.

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