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27 03 2017



Poll: Only 35 Percent of Americans Want to Live in Sanctuary Cities

A small minority of likely Americans voters say they want to live in sanctuary cities where criminal illegal immigrants are shielded from federal immigration law.
In a new Rasmussen poll, only 35 percent of Americans said they would like to live in a community that declared itself a “sanctuary city” while 52 percent would not. Some 14 percent were on the fence.

Working-class Americans are least likely to favor living in a sanctuary city, with only 25 percent supporting the idea and 63 percent opposing.

Wealthy Americans, on the other hand, are the most likely to support living in a sanctuary city. Forty-one percent stated support for sanctuary cities and 40 percent opposed the idea.

Key takeaway: The richer you are, the more likely it is that you want to live in a place where your cheap illegal alien servants won’t be deported.




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27 03 2017
27 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Malibu – the town where you can’t paint your window sills without approval from the Coastal Commission – is going to set up tent camps for these stray animals? How many minimum wage leaf blowers can you pack in a median-price $3.8 million house?

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