Plan Z

27 03 2017


About the sword nutbar.

Almost two years ago, after the Charleston nutbar, I asked myself a serious question and came to an answer.  It’s a question I’m thinking of again now that this latest nutbar seems to have had very similar motives.

Here’s the question:

What would I do if the black undertow got on my last nerve?

As much as I don’t want to think that they can, or that I would let it go that far, I also know that I share a common trait with the other some 7,493,000,000 people in this world:  Human.

I’ve narrowed it down in my mind to one destructive and one non-destructive option.  The destructive option is the 25 cent retirement plan, the non-destructive option is a certain never to be revealed in this space spot in rural southern Illinois where I’d be getting up very early every morning to feed the chickens.

I’d most likely go for the non-destructive option.

Either way, you’d all probably never hear from me in this space ever again.

If you ever reach a point where there are no new posts in this space for a very long time, then you’ll know what happened.

All of you should be thinking about your Plan Z.




3 responses

27 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Slight problem: Zombies looooooove chicken. You can run, but you can’t hide.

4 04 2017
Dr Duke

Rural Southern IL is beautiful.
As long as you can bring in your own money.
I am a Southern IL native as is my wife.
We live farther North now.
I was getting some test done at the hospital yesterday and thought I recognized the accent of one of the techs.

She is from Johnston City. The other 2 girls in the department are from West Frankfort and Centralia.

The city I live in is a poster child for rust belt decay and yet people from Southern IL come here for work.

4 04 2017

As you know, I lived in Carbondale (actually Carterville, worked in Carbondale) in 2009. Not that you had a reason not to tell the truth, but you’re so right about the job situation in far southern.

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