Sunday Wrap-Up on a Monday

27 03 2017


* We St. Louisans call this “Friday.”

* Good luck actually finding them at the post office, even the ones around here.

* Get a load of how “grandma” presents herself to the cameras.

* How original.  A march.


* Johnson County, as in Warrensburg?  A county jail riot?  WRPT was failing, my first theory is that the jail has a bunch of NAM inmates that are from Whiteman who did something naughty off base, but then I remembered that if they did anything that bad, the Pentagon would handle it.  Maybe there has been something of a spate of Hispanic immigration in the last handful of years in the area?   Maybe, but generally, the first generation of Hispanic immigrants aren’t the jail riot types.

Then I read further down:  The jail contracts with next door Jackson County to truck in some of its black inmates to relieve overcrowding there.


* Paul Kersey discovers the Dynamo of Bell Curve City.


* What good is this going to do?  Illegal alien, with or without tats.  That’s as foolish as thinking that wearing sunglasses all the time is going to throw the cops because you know they’re looking for you on a murder rap.

* I’m still trying to figure out what’s so bad about these placards.


* Shocking?  Hardly.  It’s who we all wanted before OCGE rode down the escalator.  In fact, as I have written here several times, it wasn’t long after Bannon, Sessions and Miller had this supper that I made my prediction about 2016 that the only way that year’s Republican nominee would not be Jeb! is if someone who either was or pretended to be an outsider militant populist triangulated against both the party establishment and the various brands of conservative and libertarian ideologues.  My point in making that prediction was to state that neither Rand Paul nor Ted Cruz could have won the nomination, because the universe of conservative and libertarian orthodoxy didn’t have what it took to beat the party establishment anymore.  When I made that prediction, I figured Jeff Sessions as someone who could play the militant outside populist role.


* Brawl?  Looks like a one-way assault.

* ( ) Law enforcement   ( ) Black people — Pick one.

* Why do you think some Alt-Right big wheels are floating the trial balloon of universal Medicaid slash single payer?  Many of them (I won’t say “us,” because I’m not exactly a big wheel), have read the political writing on the wall, and we understand that the non-existence of Medicaid is impossible.  And as it stands right now, some people get this bill paid for, while other people get bills that run well into the tens of thousands of dollars a few weeks after the blessed event.  Considering the relevant range of reality-based circumstances, universal Medicaid/single payer is the least bad option.

* The good guys fight back in California, twice.  Here and here.

This goes into the “nothing to lose but your chains” file.  HRC won the state by 30 points, she even carried Orange County, and thanks to the state’s jungle/runoff election system, the Senate election was Democrat versus Democrat, and in the bluest parts of Los Angeles County (and presumably in many other parts of the state), every other downballot race was also D vs D.


* Whatchya doin, rabbi?

* Can’t go on like this?  Dear, you ARE going on like that.

* As you can read, the talk about this being terrorism was overreaction.  It was nothing more than bell curve city.

I wonder how “TNB” translates into French?

* I’ve noticed myself the contradictory shot/chaser narratives of “MLP will get slaughtered in the runoff” on one hand and “MLP could actually pull this off” on the other hand.  And now, a Goldman Sachs exec has discovered the Duke Effect.

* Nice new strong secure building.  It’s a shame that the people who work inside of it are a bunch of donut-eating cucks.  Rinkeby, of course, being the Ferguson of Stockholm.


* I was fascinated to learn that there is a pecking order within transgender culture known as “privileged trans.” The first tier of a privileged transgender is someone wealthy enough to be able to afford the full gauntlet of surgeries to appear as a man or woman. Unprivileged transgenders must settle with cross-dressing and shaving. However, the highest level of privilege is someone who is both wealthy and already has certain physical attributes of the preferred sex, such as feminine facial features, a low voice, or broad shoulders.

World War T is turning on itself.

* Speaking of turning on itself.  Diversity, because science.

* Not hard.  Domestic black people are trying to work up a pretense to pretend that the immigration debate has something to do with domestic black people.  It’s no fun that Latinos are the only kind of people that get to be oppressed because enforcing immigration law is back in style.  Like I have written here in the past, while he was President, if Baraq Obama’s interior department proposed a regulation about crabgrass in Montana, and the people in Montana who would be affected by it organized to oppose it, the Congressional Black Caucus would presume they’re only doing it because Obama is “black.”

Just another form of LOOKSATME.

* Also not hard.  Rachel Dolezal is begging black people and society in general to let her be black again.  For the same reason why she ever wanted to transracial herself to black to begin with — As a white person, she’s a mediocrity, but white mediocrities are black luminaries.  Which she was when she was successfully running her scam.


* I was told that George Noory had a guest last week that discussed one of my serial obsessions.

* Speaking of which, why are we blaming this all on them?  It’s not as if they wouldn’t have wanted to earlier.  It’s just that the modern economy and employment market and housing market won’t permit it.

* Since it’s a girl, he’ll probably name her Ruby.

* The future of customer service.  Though compared to who they will be replacing, (Theramandavijshu, aka “Mark”), it will probably be a step up.  From dot to bot.

* It has been my contention for some time that for the most part, cancer of some sort is something that virtually everyone will get provided a long enough life span, and that also for the most part, nothing we do or don’t do will change that.

Victory lap.

* Of course Faceberg didn’t delete this, because I think this quote is in the Talmud, or something like that.

OTOH, at least this one understands the concept of the population and reproductive bottleneck.

* And now, woman’s best friend, too.

* This is why I don’t link to or even read anything on Heatstreet.  Once I found out that (((Mensch))) endorsed and wrote checks to HRC, I instantly figured out what was going on:  She’s helping Murdoch harvest clickbait revenue based off an anti-PC/SJW website while continuing her own PC/SJW politics.  This is just further confirmation.




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27 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Once I found out that (((Mensch))) endorsed and wrote checks to HRC…
Most of the time, you can stop after the third paren.

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