W Either Way

27 03 2017

Washington, D.C.


And in case you haven’t been following my previous post on the health care legislation.

One of two things happened on Friday:

(1) A collection of ideologically mixed bag House Republicans saved OCGE from himself


(2) OCGE’s long track Machiavellian plot to sandbag Paul Ryan in revenge for last year was successful

I tend toward 2.

Either way, OCGE walked away a winner.




One response

27 03 2017

There’s talk about OCGE courting Democrats to try again on HC.

I’ve thought for some time that OCGE should make the Dems an offer: Force them to confess to all the lies and skullduggery (*) they engaged in on order to get ObamaDontCare passed (and it’s a really long list), and as far as that goes, someone slumming up in Kalorama needs to be made to sign that confession. Then and only then, will Democrats be allowed at the table to negotiate the future of HC. However, once they are, both parties equally co-own whatever legislation comes to fruition.

(*) – Much of the same skullduggery used to pass ObamaDontCare was also there to try to get this bill passed.

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