The Greatest Political Jitz of All Time

28 03 2017


Another one of the propositions on the city ballot a week from today is Prop A, which would consolidate Recorder of Deeds with Assessor, and use the savings to buy cop body cams and the data maintenance therefrom.

The pro-A mailers are heavily touting the cop angle.  Not only that, they’re selling cop body cams as devices that will mean “higher conviction rates,” “better trained cops,” and “fewer complaints against cops.”

This is strange, isn’t it?  For months and months after the hoopla on the Fergaza Strip, the entire public and private alphabet gang told us that cops need to wear cams to catch them in the act red-handed brutalizing black babies’ bodies.  I predicted at the time that more and more cops would be made to wear cams, but over time, as these cams showed us more WSHH-worthy video showing up the black undertow, and exposed a majority of cop versus black civilian controversies generally in favor of the former, that the alphabet gang of the left would do a very quick 180, and start demanding the cops get rid of their body cams.  To a very small extent, that has already started.

I now think the cops knew that all along, and on the sly and with a dash of pretense of opposition went along with the “zomg cams for cops lol” BLM/NAACP/Bell Curve City/Dinduistan hysteria because they knew the matter would politically jitz in favor of the cops and away from BLM/NAACP/Bell Curve City/Dinduistan.




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