Midweek Wrap-Up

29 03 2017

I’m clearing out my URL hopper today, because, for very obvious reasons, I won’t be posting very much here until probably early next week.


* Yep, it’s a day on the MissingLink.


* Bodyshop.

Of course, while I welcome the indictments, and the eventual punishment, you have to realize what Norm Matloff keeps trying to tell us, that we’re in the middle of a good cop bad cop propaganda game to try to pawn all the negative political energy that comes from the H-1B row off on the “bad cops” of the bodyshops, in contrast to all those “good” H-1B users, the mainstream firms.


* I disagree.  The religious left has existed and been powerful for quite some time.

* What’s a little surprising to me is that one of William Paley’s daughters endorsed and voted for Trump. Paley, of course, founded CBS, and the head honcho at CBS today, Les Moonves, said last year that while Trump was bad for the country, he was good for CBS.

When Rush talked about this yesterday, he wondered how Chuck Schumer could afford to eat at this particular restaurant, because of how expensive it is.  And it’s apparently so expensive that people with six figure incomes are considered paupers.  Really now, the answer to that is the answer to how Harry Reid accumulated a fortune way higher than the aggregate of his net income.  Too, Charles Schumer is a sitting U.S. Senator, and now also the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, so I’m sure this joint finds a way to comp his meals.

* “The 21st century will belong to Brooklyn.”  That’s like saying that the homeless guy with a buck in his pocket finds a buck on the sidewalk, so his net worth skyrocketed by 100%, while the billionaire only made $100 million this year, so his net worth only increased by a paltry 10%.  Okay.

* All this perimeter security, and when they make it inside and pass muster of the security, they’ll write op-eds against border walls.

* WRPT.  All I needed was the headline.


* Gamma and lower cucks complain about how they’re not un-manly enough.

* Yeah, well, it’s apparently the only way to get white people to reproduce these days.

* He picked Canada rather than the United States?  Don’t they realize that Canada is more infidel-y?

That sorta speaks to the point about all these airheads and celebutards that want to protest Trump and “racism” by moving to countries like Canada and New Zealand that are even whiter than the United States.  What they want is to spout and somewhat practice liberalism without having to suffer any of its diverse consequences.


* And why do you think they’re transitioning?  Because, as men, they were mediocrities, but as “women,” they are superlatives.

* Boiled down:  It’s World War L versus World War T.

* Thankfully for us, spiders don’t seem to have developed a taste for human.  What is true that insects and arachnids eat so much relative to their own biomass that it’s a good think they’re not very big for the most part — If they were much bigger on average, they’d have this planet wiped clean in nothing flat.  The reason they’re not bigger is because they have no lungs, they have to secrete oxygen through their “skin” (even though it’s not skin) directly into their blood streams.

* My luck — Just when I develop a penchant for golf, gators develop a taste for golfers.




2 responses

29 03 2017

On the matter of spiders, most people don’t realize how many arachnids are watching them at this very moment. The only thing that saves them is the size difference relative to the spider. In a renown 1973 paper by Turnbull, he estimates that there is a mean of 130.8 spiders per square meter, varying widely depending on location. He found 842 spiders per square meter in an English pasture.

I vividly recall a scene from one of the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids movies where the diminutive persons had to cross a front yard to get back into their house. The long odds of such tiny people actually getting back to their front door across, say for example, a one eighth acre front yard were perhaps not adequately depicted in the movie. One eighth of an acre is roughly 500 square meters, which may have a mean of about 65,500 spiders inhabiting the space. Of course there would be a huge number of insects and other animals on the yard too. The thought of taking on that many spiders to get to my front door actually kept me up one night.

29 03 2017

Expand it to all arachnids + insects, and the numbers per square foot or square meter would be mind blowing.

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