Putting the Homies Up On Game

3 04 2017

Los Angeles

LAT, on the precipitous decline in arrests, both by the LAPD and the LASD.

The theories floated here are all plausible and are probably major drivers.

But let me float one more:

Especially now that OCGE is ruling the roost, and is serious about immigration law enforcement, I think certain Latino cops are refusing to arrest Latino civilians for relatively ticky-tack offenses, because they’re scared that they’re “undocumented,” and they don’t want them getting “on the grid” for ICE to make.  Stay in the shadows, homey.




One response

3 04 2017
John Vawter

I’m sure it’s not just Latino cops, it’s Latino cops on orders from the Mayor and the City Council. Our governing elites have shown a willingness to suspend the law before whenever it inconveniences our invaders.

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