3 04 2017

Washington, D.C.

Breaking news:

Susan Rice-a-Roni’s Secret Service code name during the Obama Administration was “Schmuck.”




5 responses

3 04 2017

Funny how (((Haberman))) leaks info to an Alt-right person to discredit a black political figure. Is stirring race resentment (((Haberman’s))) motivation??

3 04 2017

Cernovich is better described as Alt-Lite. And while this will definitely make Susan Rice-a-Roni look bad, it’s not as if that ship had not already sailed.

4 04 2017
egregious philbin

i’m surprised her code name wasn’t “putz.”

4 04 2017

Guess code names “Bitch” & “Gash” were already taken as of course was “half-breed”

4 04 2017

Code-name: Burnt Rice

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