Sunday Wrap-Up (on a Monday)

3 04 2017


* In exchange for no state holiday, all of Interstate 55 in Illinois may be named for him.  If that happens, then it will supplant Adlai Stevenson as the namesake of Interstate 55 in Cook County.  For a very long time, “The Stevenson” has been the local jargon, including for traffic reports, for I-55 in Chicago not just in Cook County where it carries that official name, but generally all the way out to Joliet.  I wonder how that will go over.  Also, the entirety of I-55 in Illinois will carry that name, everything from the PSB to Lake Shore Drive.  Appropriately enough, the east side of the PSB complex, which I-55 used to share with I-70 and then later I-64, but now just I-64 after I-70 got moved to the Stan Span, has an interchange with Barack Obama Avenue in ESL.  So you’ll have an exit from the Barack Obama Expressway to Barack Obama Avenue.

* Electing a new people to elect a new tax to elect a new stadium to elect a new sport.

* “Nigerian” and “fraud” in the same headline.  Who could have ever…

* They temporarily improved the demographics of the north side.

* If their “bogus” OT pay logs come from their work being on a joint task force with the FBI, then this scandal will quickly go away.

* Ferguson, being call Ferguson-y, again.

* Why do I get the feeling that they’re trying to socialjustice-up their house in order to try to sell it for a mint?


* It may not be okay, but it’s also not okay to have so little control of your sons as they were growing up that they wind up running with a gang at ages 19 and 20.

* First paragraph:  Because there are no white cops to blame.

As far as the bullet proof vests for “kids on the south and west side,” don’t be surprised if it comes to that.  Because nobody, especially not in Chicago, is in any mood to suggest ook abatement, except in an AFFH/unload them on someone else sort of way.


* “ZOMG CRISIS~!!!!!1!1!11!,” so saith the LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL.  Though since it’s the most pro-gay Republican President ever, there’s probably some pro-gay reasoning for it..


* Meaning that people who hate Charles Murray’s books will be able to do something they’ve never done — Actually read them.

* Islam:  The official religion of American public schools.

* I’m trying to figure out the wisdom of punishing students who miss too much school by instructing them not to come to school.

* Nontroversy over Mike Pence actually behaving like he has a wife and takes his wedding vows seriously.  Ta Coates behaves in the same way. 

Which means his black body is faithful to his wife’s black body.


* WRPT, again.  This one was failing me, until they showed the tweets.

* Just call it the March for Anti-Science.  Another whiz-bang effort that’s falling apart under the weight of its own intersectional despair.

* How are Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner NOT similar?  If you can politically advantageously trans your sex, you can politically advantageously trans your race.


* Good for them.  And, to think, all it cost them was the ability for its own native born population to live in or near the cores of the country’s major cities.

* They don’t believe in diversity and inclusion.  Time to send them to sensitivity training.  That is, if you can get past the fire arrows.

* TGTOW, to go with MGTOW.  If you’re a MGTOW critic, I don’t think you should side eye TGTOW at the same angle you do MGTOW.

Young men need to use their young man sex drive for the many things they can use it for other than sex itself.


* There’s hope for me after all.  I thought I was too old to be doing this even as an occasional/amateur at 40.

* Whatever happened to the good ole days, when if you lost a bet like this, you had to sit naked in a dark closet and eat worms?

* Golf is supposed to be a game of honor, even as, ironically, it’s the thing that men bluster about the most.  So why didn’t she call her own penalty?

* SJWs, rejected, again.  Remember that the Alt-Right as an identifiable movement that goes by that name first broke the media-brain barrier in the Gamergate scandal in late 2014.  So there must be something that gets people defensive about video games and comic books.

* I’m a desktop Linux user, and at the start of every new year between 2003 and 2010, someone would write the inevitable “this is the year for desktop Linux” article/clickbait.  Eric S. Raymond parted from that pollyannish hysteria all along, stating that it would take a change in paradigm.  He turned out to be right.




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