TALA Doctrine

3 04 2017

Washington, D.C.

UK Guardian:

Approximately half of adult Americans’ photographs are stored in facial recognition databases that can be accessed by the FBI, without their knowledge or consent, in the hunt for suspected criminals. About 80% of photos in the FBI’s network are non-criminal entries, including pictures from driver’s licenses and passports. The algorithms used to identify matches are inaccurate about 15% of the time, and are more likely to misidentify black people than white people.






3 responses

3 04 2017
High Arka

I googled it and searched several articles under the tag, and I still couldn’t figure out what “TALA Doctrine” stands for.

3 04 2017

They All Look Alike

3 04 2017

it’s lighting. dark skin absorbs more light, the darker you are the harder it is to make out contrast. Since facial recognition requires certain points to define a face, the less contrast and visible tonal variation present in the image the harder it is to make out.

The facial recognition camera at my place of employment regularly fails to recognize me even though there are only 2 persons, including me, that the dark faces can belong to.

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