That’s Our Jeb!

3 04 2017

Miami; New York

Washington Examiner:

Jeb Bush warns robots taking US jobs is not science fiction

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Sunday that people “should be marching in the streets” to demand changes to “antiquated” education systems that aren’t preparing students to be competitive in the job market against the robots of the future.


The solution, Bush said, is in education and job training so that people can obtain the skills needed where there are currently job openings and for the jobs of the future. Unfortunately, he said these systems need to be modernized.

“People should be marching in the streets demanding that we change how we educate K-12, higher education, job training,” Bush said. “We need life long in skills development so people can live purposeful lives.”

That’s our Jeb!.  The blind squirrel found an acorn, then let it fall out of his mouth.

We know how public policy is going to change in the mechanization era — Custodial state, neo-eugenics.




3 responses

4 04 2017
Alex the Goon

His biggest complaint – they won’t be making sexbots in his preferred size & shape.

4 04 2017

or sex :)

4 04 2017

Of course, I forgot this is the era of social justice. There is a perfectly easy way to reconcile people and the robotics era: Affirmative action for humans.

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