What Have I Been Telling You?

3 04 2017


I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling you:

It is a really dangerous game to make forward predictions and inferences about this generation because of the way they are now.  I think Millennials will be the generation that, when all is said and done, will have displayed the biggest Jekyll and Hyde change between their current young years and their middle age years, of all generations listed here.

And in this instance, we won’t have to wait.  They, especially the men, are already there now.

What’s interesting is that it compares 2014 data to 1994’s.  I myself happened to be a high school senior in 1994, more specifically, the ’94-’95 SY.  Depending on when in ’94 this survey was done, it could have been done early in the year and therefore given to the c/o ’94, or late in the year to the c/o ’95.  Either way, we know for sure it was given to people who are 39-41 years old now, Generation X, more specifically, the latter half of them/us sometimes called “Catalano” or “Oregon Trail” or “Xennials.”

And as it turns out, my subset of my generation may well have been the most socially liberal group of people in modern American history.  In other words, we were Peak Fuck Pat Robertson.  Certainly not I, not then, and especially not now, but I’m used to being an outlier.

There’s a saying that a lot of people talk sixties but live fifties.

In more crow eating about Millennials:

“It turns out that we were wrong about millennial preferences, the stories were wrong that millennials wanted to live in a hyper-urban environment and that it would be OK to raise families in a condo,” Micah Weinberg, president of the Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute, said, according to the East Bay Times. “Millennials are putting off family formation, but when they have a family, they want what their parents had: a house on a nice lot pretty close to work.”

Putting this all together, I’m starting to think that we can’t even write anything about Millennials based on “the way they are now,” because “the way they are now” are highly distorted highly outlying individual examples that we make fun of, but are representative and apropos of nothing.




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