SJW/BLM, Rejected

4 04 2017


James Knowles wins re-election as mayor, turning back a challenge from one of the six city alder(wo)men who ran on a SJW/BLM platform.




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5 04 2017

This has outraged the national media.

One of the things we were told back during the excitement on the Fergaza Strip, and now we’re being reminded of it in the wake of Knowles “shockingly” winning re-election, is that the way to account for the severe disconnect between the demographics of the voters in Ferguson’s municipal elections and its population demographics is that, like all Missouri municipal units (with one newly minted exception, which I’ll get to in just a moment), hold as March primaries and April generals, or in the case of cities with non-partisan elected offices like Ferguson, an April-only beauty contest. (Though Knowles identifies as a Republican). SJW/BLM has suggested that to solve this “problem,” that cities be made to hold their elections in the big turnout cycles of August primary November general of even numbered years, because, especially during Presidential years, November of years divisible by four have a much bigger turnout of socialjusticey constituencies.

In reality, the demographic disparity between the voting demographics (esp. in low turnout cycles) and population demographics of “changing” cities, has nothing to do with the calendar, but it’s just a natural consequence of demographic lag. Ferguson is an example of the time it takes for newer blacks to supplant older whites. However, in a place like Compton, California, the situation is almost reversed: Blacks are the entrenched but old and declining power demographic, while Hispanics are now the heavy majority of the city population, but have not cracked through local municipal elections in terms of voter demos or elected official demos.

Fast forward to yesterday in St. Louis City. Proposition B. You’d think SJW/BLM would have been all over that to support it like ducks on a june bug. But no, there was a lingering strain of leftist opposition to it just for the fact that Rex S. mildly supported it. Not only that, but I don’t think it matters that much to SJW/BLM what St. Louis City does, because virtually every named elected official in the city will already be sufficiently social justicey, even if the SJW/BLM crowd does have degrees and gradations of their estimation thereof.

5 04 2017
David In TN

The Russians must have hacked the voting machines.

Sarcasm off.

6 04 2017

I seriously doubt that the SJW/BLM types had anywhere near the IQ chops to comprehend the stadium/funding props. They have to look at those things as, “Whut? I don’t get it. But this guy likes it, so I hate it.”

I was rather glad to hear that Ferguson’s utter failure played out as at least some black voters poking the chad for Knowles. It’s a kind of perfect epitaph for the SJW/BLM model, innit? Like Flint’s water system, also needing whites to bail it out.

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