About One of Those “Credentials”

5 04 2017

Pittsburg, Kansas

The town is very close to the Missouri line, not far northwest of Joplin.

The main concern stemmed from her receiving her master’s and doctoral degrees from Corllins University, an unaccredited, online school. Robertson said she received her degrees before the university lost accreditation.

That’s the bone of contention, when this fly-by-night online school was or was not “accredited?”  Are we to think that every Ed.D. whose ‘skin is from a school you’ve heard of is employed?

It gets better:

Robertson, who currently works with an education consulting firm in Dubai, said in an email to The Kansas City Star there was “no issue” when she received the degrees from Corllins in 1994 and 2010. She declined to comment on questions posed by the students about her credentials because, she said, “their concerns are not based on facts.”

Corllins University, an online school, existed in 1994 ?  And you wonder why the school’s students flashed on a red flag when it came to that.

And then there’s the matter of this “education consulting firm in Dubai.”  When did Dubai become the hotbed of educational consulting?  My cynicism tells me that Dubai-based educational consulting firms, like the scam online schools like Corllins University, are just props to fluff and puff up CVs in the hopes that no 16-year olds in the school you’re about to run start thinking WTF and get curious.

Then there’s this:

Superintendent Destry Brown praised the student reporters, saying: “I appreciate that our kids ask questions and don’t just accept something because somebody told them.”

Unfortunately, the reality of modern public primary, middle and secondary education is the opposite.




4 responses

5 04 2017
Nicholas Stix

Ya think those kids came up with the idea to check Robertson’s bona fides on their own? I think their advisor, or someone else, like Destry Brown told them to do that.

Where ed schools are concerned, what isn’t a diploma mill?

6 04 2017

You must be thinking of one my axioms.

And yes, in this case, it’s possible. But by the same token, the stakes aren’t that yuge.

6 04 2017


I figure one of the other candidates who wanted the job tipped them off.

I noted also that in the local coverage of this, the photo of the victorious and intrepid student journalists has an enormous-honkered brown sort in the front with the white kids receding into the shadows. The white boys are shoved in the back, their heads cut off at the brow:


And the editor of the paper looks rather patelish herself.

Yall locals watch for a curry type name replacing the apparently anglowhite Robertson.

6 04 2017
Nicholas Stix

54. Yes.

I respectfully disagree, re #13 and #14. Globalists need white nations, so they can destroy them.

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