Always the Grapes, But Never the Wine

5 04 2017

St. Louis City

All propositions except for 2, the soccer stadium measure, won in the city.

Are you sitting down?

Because Prop 1 (MissingLink, SLPD hiring) passed but Prop 2 didn’t, it means the use tax that Prop 2 called for will go into effect and be collected, but the revenue can’t be used for a soccer stadium; it will have to go directly into the city’s general revenue.

What it means is that, because the forces that wanted the MLS to give St. Louis an expansion team had no backup plan, none of it will happen.

I imagine SCSTL’s postmortem ass-covering PR is going to be heavy on blame the Rams and blame Kroenke.  UPDATE:  There may not even be that, because SCSTL announced this morning that it is disbanding, which was about as predictable as thunder after lightning.

Since everything else passed, it means that Prop B passed, meaning that city elections for named candidates will now become August-November affairs.  One thing I have to find out just for edification is that, since it begins in 2020, does this mean that the elections ordinarily scheduled for March-April 2019 get delayed until August-November 2020, or does March-April 2019 happen as usual but the March-April 2021 elections get pushed up to August-November 2020?  The consensus of those I asked yesterday seem to think it’s the latter, and if they’re right, it means that soon to be Mayor Lyda Krewson will be running for re-election a few months earlier than usual, and from now on, St. Louis mayoral elections will take place during Presidential cycles, even though all the relevant politics will happen in August and not November, because one-party Democrat city.

In other news, the county wide sales tax for law enforcement won in St. Louis County but lost in Lincoln County.




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5 04 2017

So….the county will have more money? I get lost sometimes who’s who.

5 04 2017

Also remember that the change to August-November cycles for city elections will happen at about the same time the Board of Aldermen changes from 28 to 14 members. We know for sure that August (and perfunctorily, November) 2022 will be the first such election held with a 14-ward city. Some of the details I still don’t quite know yet.

5 04 2017

Yes, the title is an allusion to a song reference.

5 04 2017

Some really good analysis here, seems like black people just aren’t all that into soccer:

Which is apropos, because at least in the United States, soccer is becoming something of a white flight sport, at least white flight away from the blacks who dominate the feetzball and the bouncyball in just about every stage and age.

5 04 2017

More maps

The 1 delta 2 map at the bottom I think is the most interesting, because, as you know, I live in the margins and differentials. Tower Grove South, the really gay/progressive ward, the ward with the white people most likely to vote for Tishaura Jones last month, was the ward that has the highest difference between its support for 1 and its support (or lack thereof) for 2.

5 04 2017

Black voters rejected Prop 2 in spite of all the pandering:

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