Interoffice Failorandum

5 04 2017

Westchester County, New York

What is now perfectly apparent is that PepsiCo’s advertising agency never interacts with PepsiCo’s public relations firm.  And now, PepsiCo’s auditing firm is fuming.

The only kind of people who like this stupid ad are the same kind of corporatist-SJWs who came up with it and gave it the green light.  And while that crowd swings big sticks, they aren’t numerically significant.  Plain ole regular SJWs hate it, we in the Alt-Right hate it, the Alt-Lite and the normiecons don’t like it.

Remember, PepsiCo redesigned the Pepsi logo back in 2008 to look mysteriously like the Obama campaign logo.




3 responses

5 04 2017

PepsiCo is officially withdrawing the ad, as if nobody in their suit suite realizes that you can’t un-ring a bell on this medium.

5 04 2017

Two other things:

(1) The gal giving the cop the can of Pepsi I think is supposed to symbolize the ’60s imagery of sticking a daisy down the barrel of a rifle.

(2) The commercial is 2 minutes 40 seconds long. That’s another problem with it — Who’s going to watch an ad for that long? Though I know what is done with these ads is that an official long form ad is made and put in the can, and then right after that, that long ad is edited down to a precisely one minute long version and another edit to 30 seconds, for TV buys.

7 04 2017

Someone on AR noted that the blue Pepsi can should be interpreted as the blue pill.

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