Luxembourg Bread Company

5 04 2017

Sunset Hills

A Luxembourg-based conglomerate is buying out BreadCo, which is better known to you non-St. Louisans as Panera.  In related news, I turn around, and its shares have been trading in the 270s for while, and of course buyout rumors spiked them into the 310s.  As late as January 2008, it was trading under 32.  When in the hell did The Street fall in love with the f’n BreadCo?  Yeah, I like them, but not like that, and I don’t see anything they’re doing to see that their stock price would multiply by 8.5 in the last nine years and change.

The conglomerate doing the buyout has interests in a handful of coffee microroast outfits, so bet on BreadCo’s coffee changing.

Also, it’s not as if this kind of thing should shock me anymore, because it’s been happening, but the trend of fewer and fewer real business shots being called from St. Louis is continuing.




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6 04 2017

Panera sucks. They charge five bucks for like 20 cents worth of ADM flour shoved in a lump by machines and baked by other machines.

Around here the Panera store employees recently have been replaced by seriously short bus types who cannot understand the most basic questions about anything. This is coupled with the installation of self ordering kiosks. IOW, you do all the work, and the dimwits in back make the sandwiches (which have become small and horrible) for the dimwits in front to hand you.

So I’m wondering whether some of that big “profit” doesn’t involve employment hanky panky.

Years ago used to go there after field work occasionally. A quick nice fat sandwich and coffee. Don’t bother at all anymore. Nor does our posse. We go out of our way now to a couple of little redneck bars run by rural folks.

6 04 2017

BreadCo (i.e. the St. Louis iterations) are still pretty good. But now that the shots will be called from Lux, not for much longer.

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