5 04 2017

Jefferson City

I heard yesterday that the Senate is taking up the matter of letting DESE set up a handful of “adult high schools” through the state.  Since I don’t work directly in the swamp anymore, I’m not keeping up on the day-to-day minute-by-minute blow-by-blow fellatio-by-fellatio of the sausage-making process in that slaughterhouse.

So a quick utilization of Mr. Search Engine leads me to the JCNT from about a week ago, when the House passed the measure:

House passes adult high school bill

Adult Missourians without a high school diploma may have a new opportunity to earn one.

House Bill 680, a new piece of legislation sponsored by state Rep. Travis Fitzwater, R-Holts Summit, calls for the construction of four adult high schools around the state.

Fitzwater said the bill targets Missourians over age 21.

“Basically, what we have is 500,000 adults who do not have a high school diploma,” he said. “A GED just doesn’t cut it for employers. What we want to do is provide a high school diploma, which looks so much better on a resume.”

The reasons the “a GED just doesn’t cut it for employers” — For one, a very high percentage, even if not a majority, of GEDs, are earned in prison, meaning they’re earned by a captive audience abiding by a warden’s dictates and a group of people that have no control over their lives and have everything about their day-to-day existence laid out for them, so they’re not earned by free people who need self-discipline and time budgeting and prioritization skills, (and that’s on top of the matter that such individuals are convicted felons, which puts them out of bounds for many jobs), and for another, even if the GEDs are earned in the general society by free people, it still doesn’t speak well for them, and employers still turn a side eye to those kind of people. High school these days is so ridiculously easy that if you have a pulse and are breathing on your 18th birthday, and you show up more often than you don’t, you’re going to get a diploma. Adult non-incarcerated GED earners are basically communicating to the world that they were slackers and slackoffs and goof-offs during the time in their lives when the trajectory of their habits should have been going in the other way. Employer thinks: If he was such a lazy ass in high school, I don’t think he’s much better now.

Fitzwater said the bill is based on a similar Indiana program that already provides diplomas to thousands every year.

“These degrees also increase an individual’s earning potential,” he said.

And that’s all based on the simple correlation-causation-problematic statistic of the average lifetime earnings of all HS grads (including those who are also college grads) compared to those who did not graduate from HS.

After all, it’s not as if the job market is both red hot and lucrative for people who have a regular adolescent age-earned high school diploma alone.

Fitzwater said his bill requires the four adult high schools to partner with local businesses to offer skills certification training based on local demand.

They’ll be doing the vocational training that the regular high schools should be doing, and would be doing, if we didn’t insanely think that everyone deserves to go to college.

The awarded diploma be indistinguishable from a regular high school diploma. It will not feature differentiating marks, titles or other symbols.

I presume this is to pull one over on the employers. Of course, the employers will be able to subtract the applicant’s date of birth from the date that he earned this “diploma,” and if the answer is much higher than 18, then into File 13 with the job application.

Course work will be completed at the students’ pace. Students will not be required to satisfy any specific number of class minutes, and classes will be available to students online as may be appropriate.

Preference in admission is given to students who receive any local, state or federal assistance in which a person or family is required not to exceed a certain income level in order to qualify for the assistance.

The bill calls for the four schools to be built in economically different areas of the state, Fitzwater said, and Callaway County is a possible location.

I have a bad feeling about this. My cynicism tells me this is all a scam to allow the school districts where these “adult high schools” will go to increase their high school graduation rates artifically. If I’m right, then you can bet your bippy that St. Louis City and Kansas City will each get one.




4 responses

5 04 2017

Is the right getting into the hoax business? Antifa markings, anti trump slurs found on 2 churches.

5 04 2017

Anarchists tend to dislike organized religion.

But you did see on Sailer that someone trolled the Malibu City Limits sign.

5 04 2017

Yeah I saw. One of the odd things about the church story is one of the church’s pastors was interviewed on another channel and it was a black female pastor…so you know what kind of church that is. Probably teeny boppers, leftists wouldn’t attack a sjw church with a black female pastor.

6 04 2017

“a high school diploma, which looks so much better on a resume.”

Than what, and for whom?

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