Bouncyball and Old Lace

7 04 2017

Jersey City, New Jersey


Hall of Famer Bob Hurley Sr. says St. Anthony High to close

St. Anthony High School, home to one of the most successful programs in high school basketball, will close its doors at the end of the school year.

Spearheaded by Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr., the Jersey City, New Jersey, school had attempted to raise enough funds over the past several months to stay open another year. It was a plan that had worked previously, as the school has had financial issues in the past.

“After months of consultation with the Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Newark, today the Board of Trustees of Saint Anthony High announced it would not be possible for the School to meet the prescribed requirements of the Archdiocese to remain open,” the school said in a statement Wednesday. “Accordingly, the School will close at the end of the school year.”

In a letter posted on the school’s website, Hurley — now the school’s president, in addition to its boys’ basketball coach — pointed to slowing enrollment as the primary reason behind the closing.

“Even with fundraising that will generate close to $1.5M by the end of June, this amount is still insufficient to maintain operating expenses and cover debt payment to the Archdiocese,” Hurley wrote. “In addition, the projected enrollment for 2017-2018 does not provide the revenues required to operate the school going forward. Population changes in Jersey City and the surrounding area have adversely affected Catholic school enrollment in the past several years. Competition from special programs in public schools as well as newly formed charter schools have also eroded enrollment.”

Perpetual motion machine.  A Catholic school that’s seen better days but still functional and all-white gets the bright idea to use feetzball or bouncyball to rejuvenate the school’s reputation.  They import dindus, and then give the dindus the run of the joint.  This pisses of the white parents, who take their kids out of the school, don’t enroll their other kids there, and tell everyone they know not to touch that school with a ten-foot pole.  School becomes consummately ghetto.  School isn’t getting any tuition revenue.  Local archdiocese closes school.

In this story, you can see that the principal and the bouncyball coach were one and the same.  It’s easy to tell which duty he took more seriously.

And you wonder why tuition-paying white Catholic parents oppose school vouchers.




8 responses

7 04 2017
David In TN

School vouchers are a long-time hobby horse of cucks and neocons.

7 04 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Vouchers will have more strings than a piano.

7 04 2017

Winning at that level in sportsball all but requires you recruit from a pre selected population of early maturing children. That goes against the “we’re here to educate our own neighborhood in our values” concept. There’s a natural tension in scholastic sportsball in general, but this is at the extreme end.

7 04 2017

What!? You mean that those dirty YT racists did not want their kids attending school with niggers? Serves them right.

8 04 2017

This is the classic example of why Democrats are right when they chant: “Kiyate YT” (translation – Kill all Whites). No decent society can exist if any white people are allowed in it nor any asian for that matter either (Note: asian meaning Japs, Chinks, Ko’s. West Asians like Paki’s are protected pets of the democrat politiburo)

8 04 2017

They are not about to close, but I can’t help but notice how many black catholics are now playing basketball and football for CBC, Chaminade, Desmet, etc. Those teams used to succeed on the heady white kids, now it’s on talent. Oh well, white kids still have chess, soccer, baseball, wrestling and swimming.

8 04 2017

I should have added too it’s surely a great sign of racial and economic progress that so many black folks can afford the $15k a year to send their kids to high school. MLK would be proud.

8 04 2017

“This pisses of the white parents” – Not enough to make the person responsible pay.

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