7 04 2017

Princeton, New Jersey


‘How dare you work on whites’: Professors under fire for research on white mortality


Guo: I think the controversy may have less to do with your papers, and more to do with how the media seized these facts and amplified them — in a way that I’ve not seen done with science research in a long time.

Case: It’s not as much news if people’s mortality rates are falling the way you would hope they are falling. What seems like news is when mortality has stopped falling, and no one has noticed that it has stopped.

White Americans had just flatlined where the European countries continued to make progress, and where other groups in this country — African Americans and Hispanics — continued to make progress. So what the heck is going on here? We weren’t making progress anymore. That, to us seemed like the bigger story.

Deaton: Anne presented the first paper once and was told, in no uncertain terms: How dare you work on whites.

Case: I was really beaten up.

Deaton: And these were really senior people.

Case: Very senior people.

And that’s why the White Death, which has been going on since around 2000, was ignored for so long. Not because people are worried about supposedly not paying attention to the groups that are already hem-hawed over, but because ((())) are that afraid of any public recognition of white people as an identifiable distinct group for anything other than blaming them for all the world’s problems.

This problem is so bad that, as you can read, Case and Deaton have to cast their research in terms of how it will help blacks and Hispanics. They have to play it off of politically correct matters.




8 responses

7 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

The White Death in America began with the Sybil Rites bowel movement. Like the Holomodor, it displaces Whites and takes their life support.
Every creature must have a territory to survive. White Flight is White Genocide. Make no mistake, Affirmative racism is taking away Lebensraum from Whites by dropping Xenomorphs onto White Communities.

9 04 2017
Stan d Mute

Just so. “Racism” is defined best as whites not giving enough of the stuff they or their forbears earned to dindus, aboriginals, Arabs, etc. “Sybil Rites” and “affirmative action” are government programs to take that stuff from whites by force (under threat of government violence).

Anything at all that might lead to whites en masse realizing their dispossession must be squelched at once at least until we become a minority and unable to resist being tax slaves whose sole purpose is to create value that government can strip from us openly and explicitly to fund first world lifestyles for third world peoples.

7 04 2017

Slightly off-topic, blogger Aaron Clarey alias Captain Capitalism talk of some unintended consequences of a world without white people. http://captaincapitalism.blogspot.ca/2016/11/a-world-without-white-people.html

7 04 2017

I think that a Final Solution for all jews and non-Caucasians in the USA would reverse that trend most riky-tik.

8 04 2017

It’s just a coincidence that I came here to talk about the huge boost in antisemitism I’ve been seeing everywhere since the Syria lob…but your commenter’s are just icing on the cake. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…it’s just blogs and twitter accounts are being more open than I’ve ever seen. Holy cow! Kushner has opened up a whole new door…Upside, more people are willing to talk about JQ, downside, some will regard us as cranks without looking at our ideas…because bible.

8 04 2017

My 2 cents are on Ivanka being the ultimate source of what happened here.

9 04 2017
Stan d Mute

A big problem is that most people are simple enough that Jew & Zionist are synonymous to them. But you are quite right about the Christians who are fanatics about Israel. Evangelicals in particular seem more Zionist than many Jews I know. Many of them, like many Jewish Zionists, would defend Israel over America so fervent is their faith in end times prophecy.

8 04 2017

Unpeople. Is that anything like the Uncola?

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