Sunday Wrap-Up

9 04 2017


* Ferguson being all Ferguson-y again.

* See ooks do crime.  Won’t see ooks get hand-slap “punishments” Downtown.

* High honor, for sure.  But it needs a lot of work, and its immediate neighborhood isn’t quite what it used to be, even if it’s very close to expensive and tony.  Another problem is that Sunday mornings in it is almost a ghost town, from what I hear.

President Bush (41) held a 1992 campaign stop there.

* They said there was “frank talk,” but I didn’t hear any “frank talk.”  All I heard were the same tropes and platitudes I’ve been hearing ever since I passed the point of coherency.


* The story is most likely a nothing burger, but it is emblematic of the ongoing Bannon-Kushner palace intrigue, and of course Breitbart has every reason to take sides.


* Want to make their heads explode?  Suggest “voter registration at conception.”

* Yeah, there was a book published about 23 years ago that discussed this sort of thing.

* Along these same lines, this proves that cognitive stratification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

* It’s more the fault of the black undertow than “progressive failures,” in as much as the two aren’t intertwined.  It goes back to the Minnesota-Wisconsin Syndrome.  What this does nail is that the law as an instrument to combat the black undertow won’t matter if it’s enforced very loosely.

* I put it to rest after the 2014 midterms.

* My biggest fan put it bestThis is what happens when you mash up roid rage and dindu rage.


* It’s reasoning so pristine and unassailable that only an SJW-right-libertarian could believe it.  Might as well have no laws at this rate.

* I picked up on something really weird here.  The Soldiers of Odin are protesting school segregation ?  Probably what is meant here is that “school segregation” should be thought of as a circumlocution for pandering to Muslims.  I’d had to think that the SoO are trying to play patriotism off of politically correct egalitarianism, which I know from experience never works and never fools ’em.

* The first paragraph says all.  This particular enemy is many things, and is evil and rotten to the core, but he is by no means stupid.  It’s called “death by a million paper cuts.”  They’re going to poke us in annoying places and in annoying ways so often that it’s going to get us so distrusting of each other and our own shadows, and make us afraid to do common ordinary civilized things, that our societies will collapse.


* Without revealing too much, I would have Megan McArdle know that a certain unidentified medium-wheel blogger in the Alt-Right has been doing a lot of serious thinking (and doing) about this kind of thing, “serious” as in borderline professional and soon to be actual professional terms, and said unidentified medium-wheel blogger in the Alt-Right can contend (because he found out first hand on one of his business trips this year) that the source of the problem is that appliance manufacturers suffer from Madison Avenue Syndrome, in that they design around the 25-34 age bracket because they presume that demo is the sweet spot crossover between growing income and un-cemented brand loyalty.  This is why every new appliance is nothing more than an iPad that just so happens to do fill-in-the-blank.  That unidentified medium-wheel blogger in the Alt-Right thinks that the manufacturers are betting wrong, and is himself casting the opposite bet, using several kinds of resources, including his impending fortysomething years, which would ordinarily be the start of income earning prime, as chips.

* The theory that SJWism is in a major way nothing more than a front for the sexual frustration of beta and lower men and homely/obese women is a theory that I’m riding with more and more.  As Steve Sailer has proven, the #BLMx100 Bangladeshi with the Hedge Fund Father is the same way.

* This would have been useful to my generation.

* Richard Connell, call your office.

* Talking to your dog is a sign of intelligence.  Your dog talking to you, however, is a sign of serious mental illness.

* Most people who read this space, if they heard about this story at all, never knew who Lavar Ball was until they read this story.  He’s little more than some rent seeking gossip girl with a dick who’s trying to use his three bouncyball-playing sons to leverage control over the entire sport of basketball.  The problem is, the oldest one, a UCLA one-and-doner, might turn out to be an NBA bust, and already, his father’s antics are making him fall down the draft boards.  The middle one is a senior and will be going to UCLA next year, and the youngest one is a high school sophomore whose claim to fame is scoring a shitload of points in a high school game this season.  Long and short is that all his bargaining chips aren’t quite so shiny.

* You gotta love all those clumsy teenagers banging into each other.  Good for lulz.

* As I read this, I remember that prediction I made about two weeks ago.

* In ten years, normal people will be wearing individually-customized 3D-printed shoes.  Dindus will still be murdering each other over Jordans.





4 responses

9 04 2017
Alex the Goon

Targetting 25-34yo demo for uberwhiz kitchen appliances – Their place in the shit economy makes them prime customers: Cyborgish integration with their phablets. Tons of free time to experiment with recipes. Tons of spare cash because Mom’s basement is rent-free. (Oops, maybe not so much cash).
BBSes from the ashes – Hopefully these will be warez sites. Those were the days. I wonder which file transfer protocol will work best with BBOIP: Xmodem, Ymodem, Xmodem-1K, or Zmodem?

10 04 2017

Everyone presumes that today’s 25-34 yos will necessarily have the kind of growing incomes in the coming decade to two that the 25-34 yos of previous generations had. I think that’s a bad presumption.

10 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Is everyone safely out of Trump’s clown car yet? Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, and leave this old man to stew in his crap.

10 04 2017
Nicholas Stix

“They said there was ‘frank talk’ …”

Maybe a guy named Frank was talking: “Frank talk.”

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